@jasonwilson: honestly Arch-based things and Fedora aren't for me, I just need the most stable possible base for KDE Plasma

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I switched to Fedora+KDE on my main machine last week after one too many breakages on Manjaro+KDE. (Had been on Manjaro for around a year with various desktops) It's going well, extremely boring and stable, touch wood.

Okay that works... testing Tangram which does not seem to want to upload images to twitter (doesn't work with wire, signal has no webapp)

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Can someone technically minded explain why Haskell stuff requires so much updating? Pandoc seems to take dozens of updates a week

Yes, I know I can disable Baloo, but I feel like KRunner is one of KDE's big attractions. Another issue is more niche and may have to do with Manjaro as much as KDE. Protonmail Bridge needs Gnome Keyring, which has broken on update a couple of times. I may need to opt for a more stable underlying distro (I have been watching lots of videos about OpenSUSE, and I have been trying out MX on my testing machine).

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I am told that Baloo behaves like this on first index, and then settles down. The trouble is that I have been reporting on large databases and introducing these materials to my system. Baloo indexes them, too, which leads to kswapd kicking in, fans howling, etc

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KDE a month or so in:
Good - customizability, Dolphin, Kate (I am doing all of my writing in it, pretty much!)
Bad - Baloo consuming ~15gb of RAM pretty much always

@jasonwilson: "stinks" might be harsh - doesn't work for me is a better way of putting it

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My only gripe with KDE is that Akregator stinks! I would really like a nice reader that plays well with Feedbin and lets me enjoy multimedia feeds but I cannot find one.

I feel like I can be myself here. For example Wallabag is better than Pocket. Wow I feel as good as I did in 2009.

I am back here in part because a fediverse-related story prodded me in this direction. I've seen some things on some pleroma instances that I will never be able to unsee

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