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Are you a "poplar morning person"?

Over the course of 4 longer pieces & a bonus track i've worked iridescence, color, depth, texture, w/o generic repetition, harmony, melody or tuning.

*Enjoy, + I'd appreciate your . Thank you.

Inspired by early works of John Hudak & Eliane Radigue.

Note: Alien, strange & otherworldly eventually turn into companions by meetings & conversing.

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@wolf Bot-Accounts ... hab die mal als Spam markiert ;)

Das Statistische Bundesamt hat die Datenschutzerklärung aktualisiert. #Cloudflare wird nun genannt. Besser wäre es jedoch vollständig auf diesen fragwürdigen Anbieter (CLOUD Act und Co.) zu verzichten.

Ich beschäftige mich seit einem halben Jahr mit sogenannten "selbstbestimmten digitalen Identitäten" (#SSI). Also einem Verfahren um sich mithilfe einer App auszuweisen.

Das klingt erstmal sehr cool und digital, ist aber leider ziemlich gefährlich. Ich habe mal versucht meine Recherchen zusammenzufassen.

Eurovision '22 - work exploitation 

While I'm glad that #Eurovision is being held in Italy this year, I'm not following it on purpose.
You see, earlier this year before works started, the italian EUSC asked for young adults to volunteer with the construction works etc. Yes, you read that right. VOLUNTEER. No refunds for travel, food or place to stay.
This isn't the first time this happens. Young people have been systematically exploited with little to no compensation for over a decade in Italy.

Zensus 2022: Nach aktueller Sachlage kann man eigentlich nur dazu raten, auf den Papierfragebogen zu warten.

Der Grund: Das Statistische Bundesamt nutzt den umstrittenen US-Anbieter Cloudflare. Weitere Infos 👇

#DSGVO #Cloudflare

How long must a Music Piece be? As long as It requires, of course.

“Young people in Europe and North America in particular, but increasingly throughout the world, are being psychologically prepared for useless jobs, trained in how to pretend to work, and then by various means shepherded into jobs that almost nobody really believes serve any meaningful purpose.”

- David #Graeber, #BullshitJobs


While Jonathan Haidt clarifies, "Why the Past 10 Years of [US-]American Life Have Been Uniquely Stupid"
- and yes, US-American lives sometimes appear to be uniquely stupid -
there is no reason to assume, that it's been much better anywhere else ;)

#Food prices (e.g. wheat) have been going through the roof lately, and this cannot be explained by supply and demand rules only.
New investigation finds that market speculation is contributing to global #FoodSecurity crisis

Having a wonderful time recording & mixing with @acf and also for a duo album with Ansgar Wilken at Wokule in . What a great place to work. Interrupted by ping pong and foret walks by day, by sauna and community dinners at night.

@guppegroups Huge news! There is now another Guppe server to choose from when creating your groups:

It is managed by @caranmegil

Me and @rusty will release this friday a new album from our collaborative noise/poetry project Uma parede de ouvidos.

7 tracks of noise, poetry, radio transmissions, walkie-talkie feedback and so on.

Stay tuned!

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