Today was filled by restyling-Mastodon into sthg i can use. The only i could resort to was nicely no-wave experimentalism from the early 80s. Lovely sound to this.

Trying to change my Mastodon GUI with a Greasemonkey script. Should be only about incorporating some custom CSS.
Anbody has done that, or is there more direct ways to CSS restyling?

Hints appreciated.

Just created this


to be able to exchange puredata-related things with strangers you don't like to follow - or be followed by - otherwise.
Also it frees one from having to overly tag stuff, like below.

How can i do combined searching on the fediverse/Mastodon, leading to results containing _ALL_ search terms/tags?

Neither one of the following gives me combined results, w/ or w/o surrounding quotes, as a tag or not:

food +drinks
food && drinks

The only thing that works is

Any ideas?

Bloody hell. How can the CEO be so wrong? His pinned tweet states:
"Consistently awed by the beauty of nuclear power plants, and by what they represent. The ability to create clean energy from matter, in a tiny geographical footprint, night and day, has to be one of the highest human achievements.

I hope we start building them again!"

Leaves me speechless. No way to have a codebase there.

Mike Cooper's "Playing with water" makes up for head-turning, steady soundtrack to today's coding excersises here. It's loopy, field recording based, you'll find uprite bass in there, a bit of guitar and higher vocal, mostly not tacky, minimal, loose, intermingling, mutating structures. Very focussing. No beats, no drones.

Am a composer, musician, dad, diy instrument maker, coder (music/web related) ->

Some of my interests incl.
(audio application)

in favor of people
(parts' reuse)

Get in touch, if you're a music nerd far from the usual, even from underground mainstreams. Love surprises & things yet unheard or unseen.

Just proposing an tag here, combined with a city tag.

Leaving Farcebook i also leave a busy Berlin group about upcycling/reusing eletronic parts. I got many parts from there, that helped me to prototype or even properly build audio-related things.

So I'll use for similar purpose here. Who else is into such a thing, and which tags could work even better?

P.S.: Can't do SMD, but using hot air, too

Here's another homemade instrument of mine, called Crosslimba. Basically makes two self made kalimbas intermingle, rattle, both are mounted on a heavy piece of wood, which can be clamped to a table surface.

has occasionally been part of my live setup in 2020, for instance at Festival in Belgium.

More of my diy instruments can be found on


Olivier Messiaen's "L'ascension" (1934) will hang in me forever. It was literally the first music ever, that gave me goose bumps, made me shiver physically.

Cinematic music, music of color, in the words of Messiaen: "When I hear music, and equally when I read it, to see inwardly, in my mind’s eye, colors which move with the music, and I sense these colors in an extremely vivid manner."

I only recently found the free music archive (FMA), where free basically means free of charge.
(different issue to discuss)
The archive tends to be musically amazing + i have questions.

Typical search:

I get a veeery long list, often marvellous music, of many styles. I don't recognize _any_ of the artists.
You really start wondering, how could this list be much more accessible?

How can i easily pay the creators if i want?
Is their benefit just to give?

Got an old tube radio - Rheingold 54 4054W 2 Spkrs.

I shall establish a minijack 2ch to mono input to the preamp for a carpenter friend who'd like to listen from his phone, when he works in his work shop. (give<->give) -

i know, how to do sum signals.

But where is my best bet of connecting to the board?
I attached schematics.
Worth asking here, as folks on radiomuseum don't accept novices.
Thank you much in advance!

Not a pirate radio, but one for contemporary classical & electronic music. Usually not the ambient kind btw.

Originally SFSound had only broadcasted music from SF bay area composers, today the scope is much broader, and less academic (not a fan of overly academic, abstract works here).
Endless hours of great works to listen to.

Perfect music running while cleaning the house, to me :D

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A label portrait for you to review.

Fluessig Records
is a 2020 new thing by saxophone & synth player Niklas Kraft. A musical fellow and collaborator. The rather urgent track +/- establishes itself as a label manifesto of sorts. We can't stay, where we are right now, and will have to re-examine, what & who we are used to, in any possible detail.

Woah !
Leafcutter John on this compilation, proceeds go to "Young Minds together, a group of Black girls making music and dance in Rotherham UK, in need of your help to rebuild post-pandemic."

And i thought i never get good jungle tracks again after A guy called Gerald or DJ Hravtski.

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"So much of the music we love - Jazz, House, Soul, Funk, Jungle, Techno - is music of the African diaspora, created in the context of political struggle. Too often the music is exploited and whitewashed for a mainstream audience. We all need these and future waves of afrofuturism to imagine brighter times. [...] All proceeds will go to Young Minds Together, a group of Black girls making music and dance in Rotherham UK, in need of your help to rebuild post-pandemic. "

Another reference illustrating possible setups for live music playing meet-ups in private homes in Berlin: A duo i have with Michael Griener, a wonder of a .


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Anybody using Bela? - - augmented instruments/hackable instruments (UK).

Am interested in a user community on the fediverse.

Had those boards for 2 years before i started using them in 2020. Great extension to building . I use - supported as well are , c++, and some .
Active user community.
I am not working for them.

P.S.: Descriptive soundfile for box below not present, as it plays, what you program into it.

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