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Composer, musician, diy instrument maker, coder (music/web related) ->

I'm a refugee from the

My interests include
(completely uncommon), (special)

(audio application)

(parts' reuse)

It's -4°C, it 's sunny, even at night, and i am probably older than you ;)

@CCC Doofe Frage: Ich fand den Luftfilterbau-Talk von Cyberto und Magnus auf dem super und kann keine Info finden, wo genau die beiden ihre Bauanleitungen, odr wie man sie kontaktirn kann (das erstere würde mir reichen). Wie finde ich das? Suchmaschinen geben mir nichts, ausser den Link zum Talk auf dem rc3 medienserver... Dank im voraus!

Math of pipe length in helmholtz resonators and/or flutes: Can anybody give me an informative read there? Trying to build my own marimba... Relation of pipe diameter versus length is what i am looking for.

Soldering a Bela into a Pepper today. That'll mean for my big bela. Yeah!


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Biesentales #38 (not #37), now up for relistening.

@jayrope - Young Minds Together -
Yaxu - John Adams - ESG -
@flavigula - Ansgar Wilken - Dick Tree - Jack Jack - F.S. Blumm -
@gavcloud -
Scheiss die Wand an - @acf - @oliea - Rope -
Naoto Kawate/Soren Brothers

*Enjoy & please share.

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Next Biesentales radio show: in one hour, Berlin time CET 1630-1800 - #37 - i had a car like that before

Hosted by jayrope today. Tempo versus energy consumption versus density. Ranging from modern classical via ESG via private recordings via Berlin & Canadian buddies to piano & jazztronica findings from the fediverse.
Update applied, now what? Was it really applied? Young minds, together, will show the path.

The Critics Company: Nigerian teens make (partly scifi) short movies. They have ideas together work together, spend time together, they use what they got. Showing wealthy western bored kids, how to do cool stuff.
Hollywood? This is better stuff:

@Mastodon Feature request: Display more than 4 lists (as many as the user sets in preferences)

Sometimes new still cuts it.

This London lady fell into a bucket with electricity, when she was young.

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Starting with the latest radio show and going all the way back to number one:

Biesentales' recording artist Suetszu will have all 9 of her Poetic Capsule radio shows streamed tomorrow Jan 1st, 10 am to 2:33 pm (CET) on Sphere Radio.

#leipzig @suetszu

The bombing is already in full swing. On 's New Year's Eve - despite people not being permitted to buy fireworks to save already overburdened hospitals from too many burned idiots - the city is burning since the early vening already. It's always the night of everyone loosing it, so why not do the same now? This was a year like any other, right?
The field recorder hums at 192KHz on the window sill and inside there is a slight note of monumentary ambience

@modularism Bloody hell, on the last day of an infamous year another infamous synth arrives. After Later Benjolin v2. I'll compare this with the Epoch version soon. Maybe replacing the cancelled fireworks tonight? :D

@flavigula @electret @c307

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