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Visit our new, public-facing, open-source Kanban if you'd like to see what we're upto with the project. Contact us if you'd like to contribute.

Thank you for all the boosts of our asking for help with the site! A user has been able to submit a change, so I've gone ahead and deleted the post requesting for help so that we don't waste anybody's time.

Hey everybody! We can now confirm that we'll be returning this year on Saturday the 23rd of January. This gives us plenty of time to make sure it's our best broadcast yet! 🎶 💥

We already have a stellar line-up, but there's always space for more to join, whether a one-off or a regular slot. If you're interested, get in contact! Our email address is on our profile.

That's the audio recordings from Week 2 and 3 of December (the original shows, not repeats) uploaded to our Mixcloud if anybody wanted to listen back. Sorry for the delay in getting these out!

It features shows from @krakenfury, @meisam, @jumboshrimp and Vera.

We'll be back SOON, to help liven up your weekends! As always, let us know if you'd like to be involved.

Thanks to everyone who boosted our request to find a way to host our videos - much appreciated!

On reflection, and because *reasons*, we will find a solution to host these videos ourselves. When we find a solution for that, we will only make the videos available temporarily after uploading them.

This gives a chance for those who miss the shows to catch up if they want to see the video recordings. The audio recordings will still be uploaded to Mixcloud for a more permanent record of each show.

We will make sure to fit as much in each Saturday as possible, so as to keep with our mission of entertaining and engaging the Fediverse and beyond as best we can.

If you'd have something creative you'd like to broadcast with us, don't hesitate to get in contact. Although we've been heavily music-oriented thus far, we'd love to host anything creative.

There's been talk of a cooking show, as well as other great ideas, so don't be scared to chat with us!

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OK, back to work! Hope everyone is doing well. A very happy new year to everyone out there!

We're still deciding when we'll return this month, but we already have a good amount of folk interested in having a slot when we do, which is fantastic.

Also, we will only be broadcasting on Saturdays for the foreseeable. This is to make the project more managable for those that help make it happen. We of course aim to expand this, though need more folk on board to make this possible.

That's us for 2020! Thanks to all who tuned today; you're all loved and appreciated! We will be back in 2021 with more, and we will start developing a new website which encompasses both our aim for simplicity and our integration into the Fediverse. Looking forward to that!

All the best for the holidays! Hoping all are able to salvage some enjoyment, despite the current climate. We'll see you in the new year. Peace!

Thanks to @krakenfury for the last two hours. What a journey it has been!

NEXT UP: @jumboshrimp

A LIVE DJ set of all sorts for the next two hours! This will be our last set of 2020 - hope you enjoy!

One hour down, one to go of @krakenfury Radio. Been an adventure so far and we'd love to have you if you're about!

What a nice hour that was. Shame it couldn't go on for longer! Thanks to @meisam for the last hour.


Loved this last week and so happy @krakenfury is back with more. We're on till late so come say hello and tune in!

NOW PLAYING: Unpopulat Stream from @meisam

Tune in and enjoy the next hour!

NEXT UP: Unpopular Stream! From our very own @meisam

It is with great excitement we have a Mastodon user streaming with us. We really enjoyed the last one, and will look forward to this stream and future streams.

Tune in to support us! After Unpopular Stream we have YET ANOTHER Mastodon user, @krakenfury . Again loved this stream last week and so happy they were able to be with us for the last stream of 2020.

We'd love to have you! Come say hi!

Thanks again to all who have tuned in for our last stream of the year. Without you all, we wouldn't be here! Glad to be a member of the Fediverse, and we are really looking forward to the future. So long Instagram and Facebook! The Fediverse is where it's at!


Industrial hip-hop for those interested. On for the next hour and 20. Come join and tell us your plans for the holidays!

One hour to go of Vera's Radio Show. Currently raving with strobe lights and all! Come join in the fun!

One hour down, two to go of Vera's Radio Show! Thanks to all who are tuned in. We love you all!

We're live in 30 minutes! Vera's Radio Show today also features @jumboshrimp. Expect a mix of previously played tracks, Christmas tunes and some uplifting. Another 3 hours of power today!

Today's stream also features adaptive bitrates, so give us a try if you've previously been unable to load the stream. OwnCast FTW!


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