So... question. People complain about various social networks spreading hate, when what they really mean is people with views they consider objectionable are allowed to exist on those platforms.

What stops that from happening in the federated internet? If you're on a federated server, and people follow, or comment on content they object to, it's suddenly in your feed.

Separating a platform into factions is just one more layer of abstraction...

So... if Musk lets Trump back into Twitter, will that cause another big spike of migration from Twitter to other platforms?

Oh - nearly forgot - in other news, running is going well. For those that don't know - since the pandemic started, I have been working from home. In the world before that, I cycled to work every day, and ran three times a week. That all stopped for far too long.

Starting the week before last, I'm working my way through the "Couch to 5K" programme - and trying not to get ahead of myself, because I've injured myself before doing that.

Would love to connect with other (unfit) runners :)

I just walked back into Twitter to respond to a private message from a friend, and realised just how much I haven't missed it :)

I thought a few of you might be interested in the experiment I've been tinkering with this afternoon.

My homepage ( is now generated by Hugo - powered by Netlify, with markdown source stored at GitHub.

The interesting thing perhaps is that I have nearly six thousand posts. And it handles it.

The first build took 15 minutes to build and deploy. A subsequent commit of a change to a post took 3 minutes to build and deploy.

Who knew that finding a hugo theme I like (and that doesn't have obvious bugs in it) would be so difficult ?

In other news, today MIGHT be the day I switch from Jekyll to Hugo for my personal blog. First I have to learn how Hugo works.

Somehow I think today may require many, many cups of coffee.

After an OCD inspired lunchtime, my personal blog is almost presentable. Now of course I need to start writing once more. That's the tricky bit.

Second coffee of the day is on it's way. Where on earth has the morning gone ?

The one where I lift everything I have written since 2003 in the air, and throw it "Mary Poppins" style towards Github, then watch Netlify carefully (an very quickly) re-arrange it into something that looks vaguely like a blog:

Many lines of python died to bring you this news.

One thing I *am* looking at doing over the weekend is migrating posts from Wordpress into my very lovely new blog at - but this may require quite some pretty serious head-scratching and mangling of Python scripts.

For those that have no idea - I've been writing a ever since the term was coined. I have somehow managed to keep hold of pretty much everything written since 2003, and will one day subject my children to it :)

I may be absent from the internet for quite some time over the bank holiday weekend, on account of several aircraft being released for Microsoft Flight Simulator (I started messing around with it during the pandemic, and it's become a pretty engrossing rabbit-hole).

p.s. If I'm ever on an aircraft and a crew member rushes from the cockpit asking for anybody that can fly it, I will put my hand up, and ask for some clean trousers in advance lol

I thought it might be interesting to see the relative size (in terms of users) of the various instances of (data from

I ended up bolting together a jekyll homepage with netlify - re-used the "minimal mistakes" theme, and imported some of my writing from medium. Feel free to go have a nose :)

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