is a great technology, but I wonder how to come up with simple concepts for users to configure security according to their needs without having a complex system that is difficult to manage for them

1.64 is out - enhancing await with IntoFuture for multiple futures - all ffi ctypes in core and alloc - rust-analyzer in rust-up - cargo improved workspaces with multi-target build - many new stabilized APIs - other changes

Released today, a major update: #LibreOffice 7.4!

✅ 16,384 columns in spreadsheets
✅ Better change tracking
✅ Document themes in presentations compatibility improvements, performance boosts and more. Get it here ➡️

The EU, like any large organisation, is made of rival groups that compete to influence the direction the organisation goes in.

There is a pro-Fediverse group in the EU which is why the EU made its own Fediverse servers (at and, and why the EU helps fund some Fedi projects.

There are also anti-Fediverse groups who don't understand the Fedi and just want to use Twitter and Facebook.

I think it's important we try to back the pro-Fediverse group.

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for joyful coding - make your code base easier to understand by following simple principles:

@glsbank werdet Ihr auch FIDO2 Authentifizierung ohne App unterstützen? ZB mit Open Source Hardware wie @nitrokey ?

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