I find this to be a very strange situation.

In 2013, when it was decided that the 2020 would be held in , I think the Japanese were somewhat pleased.

After the outbreak spread in 2020 and it was postponed for a year, I think Japanese started to feel that the Olympics was a very troublesome problem.

And about a month from now, on July 23, 2021, will be held. Neither postponement nor cancellation is a realistic option anymore.

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intends to hold the opening ceremony with 20,000 spectators instead of the planned 27,000.

More than 86% of Japanese people are worried about the re-spreading of infection due to the Olympics.



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We have lift off! 🚀 We’re launching Spaces— the next frontier for how to group rooms and people in Element and @matrixdotorg@twitter.com, a giant leap towards discoverability.

Check the blog and join the public beta: welcome to the new dimension of Matrix! 🌌 🔭


🐦🔗: twitter.com/element_hq/status/


GoogleアプリがiOSで収集している個人情報の詳細が判明、あまりの多さに「隠したがっていたのも無理はない」との声 - GIGAZINE

LINE、データを日本国内へ移転へ、中国での開発業務は終了 - ケータイ Watch

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5 years ago, we released Cryptomator 1.0.0. Wow, how time flies! 🤖

We are thankful for your constant support, a huge shoutout to our donors and sponsors that keep the project healthy. ❤️


Make sure to check out our sales week! 🎉


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NetShield, our malware and ad blocker is available in beta today for Visionary, Plus and Basic users! With NetShield, your online browsing is faster and more secure. Join the beta program to try NetShield and let us know your feedback: reddit.com/r/ProtonVPN/comment

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🔊 on!

Today marks a major milestone in the development of our privacy-focused calendar: the Proton Calendar Android app is now available in beta for all paid users! It comes in dark mode, and syncs across devices, making it easier than ever to stay up to date:


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Share your files with Proton Drive! You can now create links to your files so anyone can easily download them, and protect your sensitive files by adding a password. Learn how sharing with links works: protonmail.com/blog/file-shari



EXILEの公式ECサイトに不正アクセス カード情報4万4000件が流出か

ロシアで宅配便ロッカーサービスを提供する のロッカー2732個がサイバー攻撃によりロック解除される事態が発生。

宅配便ロッカー2732個を一斉に強制解除するサイバー攻撃が発生 - GIGAZINE

決済サービス から加盟店情報最大約2000万件が流出した可能性。


ペイペイ加盟全260万店情報流出か 第三者がアクセス



香港活動家・周庭氏に禁錮10月 19年の大規模デモ

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Next Friday, December 11, Edward Snowden will host Tor’s third PrivChat, a fundraising livestream event and conversation with human rights defenders + real-life Tor users Alison Macrina, Ramy Raoof, Berhan Taye.

You're invited, so set your reminder: torproject.org/privchat/

Donate: torproject.org/donate/donate-u

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