In particular, there’s no such thing as “anonymous” location data. Datapoints like one’s home or workplace are identifiers themselves, and a malicious observer can connect movements to these and other destinations. In this case, that includes gay bars and private residences.

I find it maddening how all sorts of systems send us emails with private things in them. Mostly about money. Utility bills, paycheck deposits, PayPal, credit card activity, receipts. And then there are the pseudo-2FA account verifications and password resets. And I couldn't turn all these things off no matter how I try.

Having a secure email service doesn't completely help, since I can't guarantee they aren't transmitted in plaintext at some point.

(Even worse are money things sent to me by SMS. I have two bills that do that.)

The "CW" icon on Mastodon stands for "Content Warning". The contents of the post is hidden, and you have to click on the warning to see the contents.

It was originally introduced so people could hide potentially upsetting topics, but it can be used for any purpose.

Many people hide political posts with a "Pol" content warning, while others use CWs to hide spoilers on posts about films.

Some use CWs to tell a joke in the warning, with the punchline revealed in the contents.


A reminder:

There is no such thing as "anonymous location data".

If someone claims otherwise, point them to this study:

Use a common #Smartphone?

How about #Apps?

Fact: Many Apps sell personal data including text messages, #GPS (justifying higher #insurance rates, even plane tickets/pricing).

App #data is 'weaponized' against their users for profit.

Web > Apps for smartphone #privacy

#Politics #Android #iPhone #encryption

"This de-anonymization industry uses various terms... including "identity resolution" and "identity graph." Other companies claiming to offer a similar service... FullContact, which says it has 223 billion data points for the U.S., as well as profiles on over 275 million adults in the U.S."

""whole-person Identity Graph provides personal/professional attributes, as well as online/offline identifiers... adding that can include names, addresses, social IDs, and MAIDs."

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It's always a good time to remind that trading off your #Privacy or #Freedom for #Security is the fastest way to never getting them back.

In times of extreme fear or worrying, beware!

The #ACCESSAct will help everyone that Big Tech has silenced - from BLM to Palestinians, Christian ministries to conservatives - create their online forums, with house rules that reflect their own values and needs.

Police & Biometric surveillance threaten the very right to protest, chilling free speech/open expression. Leaving a space where the largest corporations (almost always) set the rules.

#HumanRights #Protest #Biometrics #Surveillance #Police #LawEnforcement

In January 2019 we filed complaints against eight streaming services for not responding properly to a simple access request. Exactly two and a half years later, the lack of GDPR compliance remains apparent: merely one of the eight complaints has been resolved. What happened to quick cross-border enforcement of the GDPR?
More here:

News that the U.S. Department of Defense has been testing autonomous armed drones and the growing ubiquity of AI and robots in policing means the time has come: We need legislation to prevent armed robots.

hey I don't think anyone here needs to hear this necessarily, but unhoused people deserve privacy. It should go without saying not to take pics or video of them without consent. You're not taking a picture of a tree. That's a person.

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PSA for Switch owners

The latest 11.0 update means that Google Analytics is
a thing on the switch and turned on. What that
means is that Nintendo has a deal with Google to
share with them your data for advertisement

To turn it off

1. goto the eShop

2. goto your profile where your funds and account
info is

3. go down to the bottom of the page

4. there you will see “Google Analytics

5. select the Change

6. select “Don’t Share”

Please spread the word. Really shitty of Nintendo to
just quietly start allowing Google to spy on users for

"Big tech uses mobiles to map your emotions" Romain Robert, our Program Director, weighed in on the subject:

The Facial Recognition and Biometric Technology Moratorium Act bans federal use of face surveillance and withholds some federal tax dollars from paying for it at the state and local level. Tell your elected officials now to co-sponsor this bill!

Troubling: #Chatcontrol #EU #Parliament approves #MassSurveillance online conversations.

Outside #Privacy/#HumanRights, a main issue here being many things *will* be taken *completely* out of context from a joke to semantic differences. #AI


Since most people in today's world own a high-resolution camera capable of sharing any picture worldwide (), I would like to :

How often do you find yourself in the field of view of a stranger's camera?

How do you feel about it?

When do you consider it okay to capture another person in a picture or a video?

What are the written and unwritten rules about this where you live?

Do you consider these rules adequate?

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