That no one is liking my anti-Twitter posts says to me that their reign of terror and fear is profound! Racist hateful and extremely psychologically violent - that's Twitter in my opinion!

I realise I am taking a huge risk by revealing the racist hateful nature of Twitter, if I end up dead, this is why! Seriously... I am fucking terrified of these nazis!

Twitter is a human right - Jack Dorsey

Ahem... unless you threaten their revenue stream in a campaign to try and get them to stop ongoing racial abuse. Then your account will be permanently suspended, they will refuse to provide any evidence and you will become the target of their hatred!

Twitter have confirmed in writing that they are a racist hateful institution - direct to my face... They are out of control!

If you are using that platform, be very careful. If you want to see how evil they are, start blocking their 'promoted' tweets and posting that you are doing this, encouraging others to do so. I did this in protest about the relentless and absolutely disgusting ongoing campaign of racial hatred.

They will accuse you of hate crime and permanently suspend your account.

I mean just look at the state of her...

If people have found happiness in lockdown because they have started gardening, walking, having an actual life etc. instead of being violated on a daily basis by tory criminal capitalists this is NOT a mental health issue - it's a fuck the tories issue and they are scared they will lose their profits so they are trying to bully people back to virtual-slavery.

They are so nasty and vicious and I cannot wait until the whole thing comes crashing down!

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This sick pervert could do with some education on the mental health issues that you get when you are a nasty tory b*tch!

It seems as though Jack Dorsey is a nazi racist bully and Twitter is a fascist organisation that actively enjoys hurting people! I am absolutely disgusted at their capacity for psychological violence and abuse of power to continually and relentlessly torture people in continuous violations of human rights!

today's curious visitor πŸ˜‚

It's getting used to me, actually came close enough for me to snap this with my phone!

A little bump for my LP, haven't had a sale in a while and it always makes me happy (shameless self-promotion)


Had an actual real life human physical being visitor this evening 😲

We sat out side on a sofa, yes a sofa - I set it up while the weather is good, ate some nice food, drank some home brew and talked.

Simple things... mean so much!

I would go as far to say that they are probably the most racist organisation there is in the world today. Full on brutal vicious relentless hatefully bullying campaigns continue unabated despite hundreds of reports being made.

The accounts that report them or make any stand against this evil and abhorrent behaviour are shut down.

This is my first hand personal experience.

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Twitter is racist; they conduct and supports campaigns of hatred against people based on skin colour - 100% fact!

Home brew is looking rather spectacular... tastes damn good too!!

Todays loaf is a particularly attractive example I thought... 🧐

It also looks photoshopped, but I swear it's absolutely not!

Yellow iris in the pond and I spotted the first baby frog!!

Selling my Empress Zoia effects pedal

Anyone here interested perchance?

Just a quick call before it goes eBay!

Also got an Intellijel Rainmaker going if anyone interested in crazy boutique modular synth madness.

Both in perfect condition, original boxes and all bits and bobs included!

500 days of learning Polish with Duolingo today!!

I still can't speak it πŸ˜‚

Well, I can a bit I guess... my comprehension is getting better!

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Imagine early men seeing this and thinking it was divinity

(The parhelion is a member of the family of halos caused by the refraction of sunlight by ice crystals in the atmosphere. The prerequisite ice crystals occur with cirrus or cirrostratus clouds. It is the occurrence and placement of these clouds that determine the parhelion appearance.



Lamb chops, boiled potatoes, peas and a thyme sauce (with just a little bit of blue cheese) - so good πŸ˜‹

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