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This is Antyriël, protagonist of a story I'm writing, parts of which will feature on the next release of my metal project Opaque Mass.

I've had her appearance in my head for years and decided to finally ask an to visualize her based on my - elaborate - description. The style suits the character. Looking forward to continuing the story & giving out more commissions for other takes.

Commission work done by Chris Nazgul (

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So I've been on Mastodon for a wee bit, for all the new folks here's an : I'm an lead developer, and dabble in .

I released a solo album last year on ( and I'm looking for to feature on my next album and for a book I'm writing on the same subject.

Big and gamer. Also into and .

Still finding my way in this marvelous fediverse

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Okay, Day 3 - #DnD #Antagonists / #Villains week...
WARNING! Phobia/Sensitivity alert! Eyes/multiple eyes/spider forms/& tiny hands.
These I call my "Xanthic Spider-Goblins".
I wanted something with a slightly creepier flavour than a regular #goblins, but something that had similar abilities, & added to them a Brood Elder figure that was based on a #Hag / #Troll.

#DnD5e #Homebrew #Creatures #CreatureArt #monster #TtRPG #5e

*I can't seem to figure out how to blur just 2 out of the 4 images.

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Work on my , learn on my , continue engineering on my next album, or try my hand at and for via the base...

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Jackson Palmer is a developer, ambient musician and host of the Griftonomics podcast, discussing the snake oil and scams being promoted by various tech groups. You can follow at:

➡️ @ummjackson

Jackson's website is at,

Griftonomics can be listened to at

bandcamp is at

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Okay so day 2 of an impromptu* #DnD #antagonists / #villains week, & following yesterday's #Troll, today we have WIP/sketch paintings of:
1 - Some sort of mutated spider-#troll-giant (used as a vehicle by cultists?).
2 - A multi-eyed storm giant #monstrosity.
3 - A #Cyclops with a goblin warrior/archer carriage/howdah on its back)
4 - A #magic fuelled stomach-mouthed chaos #giant with floating mask & multiple floating eyes.

*i.e. ...made up on the spot as I wrote yesterday's post.
#TtRPG #5e

When draw monsters that apparently have some notion of civilization because they wear jewelry, clothing or armour, I always imagine what their morning routine is. Like: does that 10" drooling spidermammoth check whether that shoulderplate is on safely and comfortably? Does that 6-armed half-orc lich priest worry and check in the mirror whether their ear ornaments match the gold on their belt and bracers, lest their peers will frown on their appearance and gossip?

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Pixelfed Live - simple live-streaming

✨ Easy to use
⚡ OBS supported
✨ Optional live chat
⚡ Fedi + mobile api support
✨ Advanced admin config (limit broadcasts to users w/ 500+ followers, disable replays, etc)
⚡ Simple setup that scales, from a mono deployment to dedicated streaming servers

Shipping soon! #pixelfed #pixelfedLive

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Hey I’m Joe, an illustrator and designer based in the UK with a focus of storytelling and characters. Looking for work in games, vis dev and fantasy art!

Thanks #NFC for the tip!

#MastoArt #introduction #CreativeToots #CommissionsOpen #illustration #art

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RSS fans!

You can follow any Mastodon account via RSS by just adding ".rss" to the end of the account's public profile URL.

To find a user's public profile URL, click on their profile image within Mastodon.

For example, if you click on FediTips' profile image you get this page in a new tab:

So, to follow FediTips through RSS, use this address:

This will only show that account's public posts. Other posts will not be visible on the RSS feed.

#RSS #MastoTips #FediTips #Mastodon

Reminder that a 'data team' demanding to send them 'all ' that in any shape goes through your is not, by any standard, a reasonable request.

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NASA if they played their cards right could likely have done all this on a similar budget to what they actually got.
The key to all this? Setting near-term, inspiring, affordable goals while leveraging and evolving the hardware you already have to the greatest extent feasible.

Image is of a Shuttle-Derived Heavy Lift Launch Vehicle proposed in 2009. Could have been flying a decade ago for a fifth as much as SLS has cost us.

#alternatehistory #history #spaceflight #spacecraft #thoughts

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INPRNT has free shipping this weekend! (As usual If you'd like me to stick up any of my pieces that aren't there you can let me know)

If I'm going to give my colleagues an introduction talk about the , what should I definitely mention? They're into , , and

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