disappointed in the 2018 Liars album and in the 1998 Yo La Tengo + Jad Fair album

Omicron May Infect Half of Europeans 

"The fast-spreading variant represents a "west-to-east tsunami sweeping the region,""

"it was too early to consider COVID-19 is entering an endemic phase, an issue the Spanish government has proposed to discuss. An endemic phase would see "stable spread of the virus at a predictable level", but what we are currently seeing for 2022 is nowhere near that,”.... “We still have great uncertainty.""

Btw, has a built-in "Night Color Control", so there's probably no need to install redshift.

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"In addition, Wire also uses transport encryption to encrypt metadata.

"Wire only temporarily stores encrypted messages on its servers and automatically deletes them after they are sent to the recipient. This is done to enable Wire to send messages to users who are not currently online as soon as they are back online."

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I like this Wire app. "All conversation content is encrypted with strong encryption on the sender’s device and is only decrypted on the recipient’s device (also known as end-to-end encryption). Wire doesn’t hold the decryption keys, and our software contains no backdoor. Your conversations are yours — Wire has no access to them. You may delete the content of the conversations on your device specifically and generally at any time." wire.com/en/legal/terms-of-use

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If you have a blog powered by WordPress, you can connect it to the Fediverse so that people on Mastodon etc can follow your blog, comment on posts and share them.

You will need to install a free open source plugin called ActivityPub For WordPress:


Note that WordPress the platform is different from wordpress.com the hosting site. Wordpress.com does not allow installation of this kind of plugin (unless you pay an expensive fee).

But you don't need to use wordpress.com to use WordPress! Because WordPress is free open source software, much every hosting provider in the world offers a WordPress site for a few dollars a month, and this kind of indpendently hosted WordPress is what the plugin will work on.

#FediTips #Fediverse #WordPress #ActivityPub #Blog

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OnionShare 2.5 is out! This version fixes all the security issues found in a comprehensive security audit, and also improves censorship circumvention micahflee.com/2022/01/onionsha

Vulnerabilities the pen testers found:
- 0 critical
- 0 high
- 2 elevated
- 3 moderate
- 4 low

Huge thanks to Radically Open Security for bug hunting and OTF's Red Team Labs for paying for it.

You can read the complete penetration test report here: raw.githubusercontent.com/onio

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#bash tip: use ^foo to say run the last command, but remove the string “foo”. ^foo^bar means “replace “foo” with “bar” in the last command.

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like don't tell me your tuff on crime if your actually just tuff on poverty and helping make poverty happen more

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The Jan. 15, 2022 Hunga Tonga volcano eruption from a sattelite's PoV


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If you would like a more Facebook-style interface on the Fediverse, maybe you should try Friendica:


As it uses the ActivityPub protocol, you can follow and interact with accounts on Mastodon etc from Friendica, and vice versa.

You can also follow RSS feeds as if they were Fediverse accounts, and when an RSS item is published on that feed it will appear in your timeline as if it's a Fediverse post.

You can write very long posts on Friendica, you don't have to worry about character limits.

You can use Friendica accounts through the FediLab app, available on @fdroidorg and Google Play.

You can follow the latest news about Friendica on its official blog at @news

#Friendica #Fediverse #FediTips

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I wish HealthCare.gov would know that I picked a plan a month ago. HealthCare.gov seemed so aware before I bought the plan, but the website has been sending me unnecessary warnings for a month!

uh oh, apt pinning youtube-dl from testing


I think it's just Thunderbird because it still seems to hang in LXQt.

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