I really hope one day I can live in a house rather than a shitty small apartment where I can hear an idiot laughing as loud as possible constantly and smell the neighbours smoking disgusting cheap tobacco...

How to get everyone onto mastodon so I can stop using so many social media sites? *sulk*

I hope there's a special place in hell for those who use power tools in an apartment complex.

asking for help, housing, please boost 

Hi, firstly we're an ADHD disabled white trans plural system in Baltimore county MD. We have a cat and are stuck under our abusive parents.

We need someone to take us in because we can't really get out any other way, we can't drive or work. Living here has been extremely detrimental to our mental health, and we really needed out a long time ago.
It's rough rn but if you can have us please, heck even if you need another person to drive us there.


These kitties are looking for a home! The place they're at can't keep these many cats and no-kill shelters aren't currently able to take them in. They're in West Palm Beach, Florida, and the rescuer will drive them anywhere in the state if needed.

I’ve known this person for years and they’ve given these kitties love since the moment they were born, so they’re very sweet and used to lots of love. Please DM me or respond here if you want or know someone who wants a cat!

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