If you're an interface designer, you may have read the bad news about Figma being bought by Adobe.

However, there is a free open source alternative called Penpot you might want to try. You can follow them at:

➡️ @penpot

Penpot is collaborative design and prototyping software based on open standards and platform-independent. More info at penpot.app and community.penpot.app

📼 [Viendo] 📼

2 interesantes reflexiones sobre la emergencia climática:

1. Reflexionando sobre el sentido del proyecto y las multicrisis que nos afectan.

Hace meses que no publicamos acerca del proyecto de permacultura. La falta de agua, las olas de calor y las subidas de la energía nos están afectando como a todas y nos planteamos si tiene sentido seguir con el proyecto o qué hacer. ¿Tiene sentido seguir apostando por un modelo permacultural aquí? Compartimos algunas reflexiones...

Por Permacultura Mas Les Vinyes

🔗 invidious.weblibre.org/watch?v

2. Resiliencia social ante la emergencia climática

Ante la crisis ecosocial, Ariadna reflexiona sobre la importancia de no prepararnos únicamente a nivel de resiliencia y autosuficiencia física. El decrecimiento energético debe llevarnos un crecimiento cultural y de cuidados, pero tenemos que verlo como una oportunidad.

Por Permacultura Mas Les Vinyes

🔗 invidious.weblibre.org/watch?v

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I am alive. We are wet, and shook up, but alive, intact, and well, so here I am coming down from the high ground.

Seeing first-hand what a "1000 year flood" looks like will frighten you down to the soul. Sleepless nights staring at a radar app, hoping the colored blobs will miss you, knowing full well it means they're hitting someone else instead. Then in the morning, seeing the news, and the next night hoping that the next round will get you instead, because you got off easy last time and someone else didn't.

Me and mine, we're still here. My neighbors are still here. We're got a lot of cleaning up to do, a lot of felled trees to deal with, and a lot of earth to move, but we're all okay.

But a lot of people aren't. A lot of people lost everything, or even everybody. Entire towns were drowned, and families were shattered. Generational homes were wiped off the map. Irreplaceable history was erased. Many places will never be the same.

My heart aches for Appalachia. Nobody, alive or dead, has seen anything like this here, and I hope no one ever does again. Mountain folks are tough as hell, and everyone is doing what they can for others. We all hurt together, and we'll all lift each other back up together.

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As far as improving squash pollination goes:

I sometimes help out my courgette plants by using a cotton bud to transfer some pollen from the male (top) to the female (bottom) flowers.

It does seem to reduce the number of deformed/yellowing fruit, whenever I actually remember to do it.

A spaceship landed. A door dilated. An alien emerged, carrying a rectangular item.
They walked a little ways out, placed the item on the ground, then returned to the ship.
They observed the item.
Soon, a cat came and sat down on it.
The alien thumped the ship.
"Myth confirmed!"
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in the span of 50 yrs, 70% of the nutrients in our #fruits & #vegetable are gone... 

modern #agriculture destroyed the #soil: depleted all natural ingredients & then killed everything that was living in it... thus creating a new type of #earth which is nothing but a neutral container.

now we're eating a simulacrum of a tomato -

@plants #plants #permaculture #capitalism

Microsoft's Github Copilot is disregarding Free Software licenses and will be happily selling parts of your GPL code against your will! Woo!


As the author of this article says - free software should be dependant on free software architecture - I recommend codeberg.org as an open-source alternative to Github.
Sadly Github is no longer a platform that can be trusted.

CC: @codeberg

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Came across this critter while cleaning the acequia this morning. Carpocoris mediterraneus / Red shield bug.

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i won't amplify the misogynist engagement farmer
i won't amplify the misogynist engagement farmer
i won't amplify the misogynist engagement farmer

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The downsides of a world with billionaires in it are well-rehearsed: billionaires can convert their vast wealth to power, and use that power to turn their whims and pet theories into policy failures that affect millions - or even billions - of people.

Take Bill Gates. Forget all the conspiracy theories about Gates and vaccines - it's bizarre that people bother to make up those fairy-tales when the truth is so much worse.


Thank you to everyone who joined from all over the world and watched our big announcement of Nextcloud Hub 24. It was a stunning event! ✨

In case you’ve missed it, learn more in our release blog!

Or watch the announcement here: youtu.be/ap8xt1Ds7_4



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