Closing in on finishing draft #2 of a novel. I write literary and would love to find another in the same vein with whom to swap feedback/critiques.

(No implied criticism for other types of fiction--I just don't have as much knowledge of other genres to be a helpful reader for someone!)


Reading my current novel draft on a tablet sans keyboard to force myself to focus on flow and plot structure and not edit, and it. is. killing me. 😆


J'ai vraiment besoin de recommendations pour cette semaine.

Je vais bientôt finir de lire mon livre actuel et j'ai choisi beaucoup de ratés dernièrement. Je ne veux pas en choisir un autre... Des idées ?


Digging into Act III of the novel in progress this week. ✍️

update! Struggled my tail through the overhaul of Act II of my second draft of the current WIP (novel). That was... painful.

Still finessing needed at the level of language, but the structure is (I think) finally there. 👊

On to Act III!


In Florence for an Italian vacation? 🇮🇹 If so I'm 1. jealous and 2. open to sharing ideas for where and what to eat while you're there. (Just send me a photo or two, so I can enjoy it vicariously!)

Just me, or is anyone else noticing that people have gotten worse and worse with listening, being present, and empathizing with others?

Now that we're out in the world more in conversation and direct interaction with other people, I'm experiencing this more and feeling more and more shocked by it. 😔

Really into motorsports (unlike me)? 🏎️ 🏁 Then you may be in Le Mans right now for the . 🇫🇷 If so, a few ideas to share:

update: Recobbled draft two through the Midpoint.

Still needs work at the sentence level, of course (that'll be draft three's work), but now at least the plot is hanging together up until here.

Staring ahead, though, at the repairs that need to be made on the second half and trying to bolster my courage to dig in. 💪


I've learned the wedding-planning seasons of the year via watching when this post spikes! 💒 😆

Any of my Paris 🇫🇷 people here want to organize with me a good ol' fashioned coffee or apéro in early June?

I have a feeling the next few chapters of draft 2 will be difficult in the revision, so I'm calling it a day on an up and moving to other to-dos. Back at it tomorrow! 💪 ✍️

Yes, it means "reminder" in French, but my English-speaking brain adores these signs. 🛣️

People might drop down on wires from who-knows-where? Neat!

Or wait... Who's doing the rappelling? You don't expect ME to rappel, right? 😳

👓 🇫🇷

Guess it's a good thing that all I want to do is hole up in my office and work on my draft, even if life keeps getting in the way and thwarting me. ✍️

Fellow :

When you're searching for the right word, what do you use? The embedded word-processing software thesaurus, a separate thesaurus, a web search, or...?


In case anyone's heading to the in July... (Wish I were!)

Avignon punches well above its small-town weight with what it delivers in terms of food. 🇫🇷 The bakeries, patisseries, restaurants, chocolatiers, and cafes impressed us over and over again.

In short, YUM. 😋

My phone just autocorrected "kidney beans" to "misbehaving beans."

Sparked joy. Figured you could use some joy, too.

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