From oldest to newest. Soldering irons of mine through the ages. Just finally upgraded my kit after probable decades.

240x240 in all of its dense pixel glory! Running the amazing fbcp-ili9341 userspace framebuffer driver. Now to figure out a decent UI.

Also, this broke down and gutted metal guitar pedal is gonna make a hella good project enclosure for something down the road! And these 2-in-1 potentiometers? *chef’s kiss*

Fractionally less janky synth prototype than the last design. This one makes good use of the @adafruit Featherwing doubler and tripler, and very few pieces are soldered in place, allowing me to change my mind more easily without rebuilding from scratch. Unexpected Maker FeatherS3 under the hood. PCM5102 DAC. Broken out L+R channels for Eurorack integration.

Now to stop procrastinating and spend more time working on the hard part: the actual coding.

Would you believe this thing still works great? Desoldering from a bad board pretty much totalled one of the pads and made a mess of the others. Behold, some of the messiest desoldering of my life and some of the finest pinpoint resoldering I've ever done.

*grump* So I was wondering how easy it'd be to make a synth on CircuitPython on an RP2040. Super easy, if you never need integers over 16 bit...

Also, a Pico W showed up in my mail this week. 😎. It's like the Pico, but useful for things other than USB devices!

The goal with the two displays is to have one as a menu, the other constantly displaying either a waveform or some other relevant, 1bit visual.

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Litsynth rev B, in all it's super janky, stacked up, nicely angled glory. This took the better part of last night to design and solder. ESP32 C3 under the hood with a PCM5102 I2S DAC.

Having a bit of trouble getting both OLED displays working on separate I2C addresses, but I'm getting there.

Oh, I guess I forgot to post a pic of it here? Not much to it yet. 3 feathers, an op amp, a headphone jack, and an encoder.

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I should adjust the gain a bit and throw it into my eurorack. Bet it'd sound cool as a true 8 bit voice.

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I guess once I build in some midi support I won't be far off something playable? No envelopes or filters or anything fancy yet though.

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Progress-wise, the "Litsynth" is a bit further along - I resolved some of the issues I was facing using a timer interrupt in ESP-IDF and can theoretically support output of different voices to different DACs now. Still working on whether single DAC polyphony is achievable on this board, but I'll know better once I've had a chance to play with the higher resolution DAC (the on board ones are only 8 bit).

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Woo, the first of a few DAC chips I'm going to be testing out for my DIY microcontroller synthesizer arrives today. Can finally ditch the noisy on-board DAC.

Are you into microcontrollers and freedom of information? Are you a pretend cat with LED ears? WELL, I might have something for you...

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Today's mission on vacation day 2 is to get I2C working properly on the ESP32 & ESP32-S3. Now helped along by having a Digilent Analog Discovery 2.

I am a very silly person (both are works in progress)

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