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Watching and chatting in twitch streams for much of the day is making me realize how much I miss being around people talking and just, like, doing stuff. I'm a fly on the wall at the best of times, but I do enjoy activity around me.

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Reminder: elections aren’t marriages, they’re mass transit. You take the bus that’s heading in the direction you want to go even if it doesn’t get you all the way there.

I forgot to put the link in Mastodon, but I streamed part 2 of making my little chiptuney song this evening. You can watch it on Twitch here if that sort of thing interests you 😅

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I streamed some music making today for friends and family on Facebook and, while FB appears to have eaten the file, it wasn't quite as daunting as I thought it might be. Definitely something I'll do again, probably not on Facebook.

I took Andrew Huang's music production course in January and that's the last time I did anything like this entirely with samples (you can find that track here: ).

It's fun, but not really my usual speed. I prefer using synthesis for the most part, but I recognize sample shaping is a good skill to have. Also, granular is pretty cool.

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Sample-based experiment using a recording of my partner playing the new Story of Seasons. ^_^ Every single sound is based on non-musical samples from the game, EQ'd, filtered, run through granular synthesis, etc.

"Cow Go Moo"

I wonder too if people's tolerance for promotion (self or otherwise) is particularly low due to the sheer volume of advertising we're all inundated with. Maybe in my transition to "content creator" I'm now being written off in peoples' feeds alongside advertisers.

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Do people listen to their friends' music recommendations more or less than music their friends made? Data tells me very few people I know listen to the music I make so I'm wondering if it's possible everyone has a subconscious bias against self-promotion that isn't present when we recommend /other/ peoples' music to our friends.

Also, what makes someone more likely to listen to what the YouTube algorithm tells them to than what their friends make or share? 🤔

A few of my coworkers and I are planning to do some collaborative music production, taking turns adding new elements one by one. This is going to be a blast! 🎶

Just realized yesterday that I have the skills now to compose and produce custom ringtones for my own phone. So of course it's the first thing I did when I got up at 2AM (because it's too damn hot to fall back to sleep).

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Where do I find CC licensed audio/music clips?

Mixing and tweaking the sound of vocal parts in songs is so hard for me. Brains do all kinds of psychoacoustic stuff with voices that they don't do with other sounds and it's really hard to figure out if what I'm hearing is sitting well in a mix. So frustrating.

Vocals-wise I was leaning into more of a gothy voice drone thing here. It's not perfect, but I like what I ended up with. ^_^

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A second version of Listless, this time working through with a vocal track.

Getting a 500 error trying to upload directly to Mastodon right now so Soundcloud link here:

I guess I should also record more of these musical "doodles" but I'm far from being able to call anything I improv a "jam" worth sharing yet.

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