Trying out Nyxt for the first time (I think?) after watching the FOSDEM video. It seems it will make it to my Guix manifest.

If you want to contribute your first patch to GNU Guile, a relatively easy way to start is by fixing a typo in the manual.

Check the Comments section, for example, there's currently one typo there.


One could try to make this Guile more popular than the other Guile, especially when the latter is pictured in such embarrassing situation 😅

Debating whether I should keep exporting definitions manually, which makes the exporting uniform for procedures, records, classes, etc., or start saving some typing, and possibly avoiding some residues, by using define-public and define*-public (definition mechanisms that don't seem to be available for records and classes yet...) 🤔

En estos días probé un IDE que es popular en el desarrollo de software. Con solo abrir un proyecto vacío se come casi 700 MB de RAM... 😬

El IDE tiene cosas buenas, pero me hizo apreciar más a Emacs.

It seems Telegram made it to the local media, and now WhatsApp users I know are considering moving to Telegram.

Mainstream media is still "the word of the Lord".

I didn't know GitLab Service Desk was moved from GitLab Premium to GitLab Core. Now users of projects on the free tier don't have to create GitLab accounts or know anything about GitLab to report issues 👍 👍

Speaking of flatpak and GNOME Builder, Leo Prikler already packaged the latter for Guix, in July, and I didn't noticed. No need for the flatpak 👍

Luis Felipe is proposing #GNU #Guix 1.2 t-shirts and hoodies!

Luis is the designer of the Guix and Guile logos, of the Guix and Guile web sites, and of the 1.2.0 release illustration. 👍

Don't miss this opportunity to support Luis and to be in fashion!

User installs some software, finds some bugs, wants to report them, project and issue tracker on GitHub or Gitlab, user has no GitHub or Gitlab account, no alternative way to file issues or submit patches, user decides not to use the software for its project...

If you are bored, and don't know what to do, consider packaging new software for the GNU system, for everyone's benefit:

I thought Purism Librem5 was a smartphone with libre software only. I don't understand the Fund Your App campaign... It seems it lists common proprietary apps.

Just tried PureOS 9 Live media. The instructions to create it were clear and I could boot and try it out without problems. It was fast and nice.

@someone should package for . I hear they are about to start adding story and quests.

A note to myself:

It would be nice to have an option to set Glade's interface to English because widgets and their properties are usually documented in that language only. While designing, it is hard to map many properties from, say, Spanish, to their English definitions.

Oh, wait, restarting Emacs makes no difference now. This may be related to my last package upgrade...

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