version from Polish poem "Pan Twardowski" ("Sir Twardowski"). Unfortunately now I don't have illustration from my elementary school workbook :( That was great and I liked their vision.
In Poland we had specific vision of devils in folklore legends. They appeared as smart, sneaky creatures, often ofering shady deals - and protagonists often defeated them by being more smart. Those devils were rather like silly dwarves than demonic beings.

Thunder God... Satire of my onother friend. I copied exactly his body posture from photo I took.

Guardian of

Inspired by photo I took when one of my friends tried some trick with stick. (I don't want to publish original photo with his face easy to recognize without his permission)

Honeybees... abstract vision inspired by... uhm, ? I use it instead of sugar for almost 5 years now :blobcat:

We need more #diversity in #FreeSoftware contributors!

#GAFAM has brainwashed people to forsake their basic #humanRights of #privacy and #secrecy. It's not a secret how they achieved this. They made their 'services' attractive and convenient (along other unethical practices).

Traditionally, free software contributors and users were 'elite hackers' and other 'power users'. So (as a corollary of "Conway's law") if an #Asperger hacker (like me) writes a piece of software alone, be it as useful and privacy friendly as it'd be, it'll probably not be used by 'normal' people and thus won't contribute much to #humanity.

That's why we urgently need more diversity in the Free software #community! Please note that you *do not* have to be a programmer or possess any advanced computer skills. There are many ways people can contribute to Free software, e.g. translation, UI design, documentation, testing, etc. Or, perhaps even better, write about your experience with programs, and speak with your friends and familiy about Free software and explain why #privacyMatters!

Summoner - based on jokes about one of my friends from one forum, who maybe attracts storms - or other natural forces...

Edward Snowden says: Stop what you're doing and read this. This leak is going to be the story of the year:

The Pegasus project
Revealed: leak uncovers global abuse of cyber-surveillance weapon

Spyware sold to authoritarian regimes used to target activists, politicians and journalists, data suggests

fun zoology nugget of knowledge for today:

cheetahs can purr and meow, but they can't roar because they lack the necessary elongated larynx and specially-adapted hyoid apparatus (the bone that aids in tongue movements and swallowing) that tigers, lions, jaguars and leopards have.

to be honest all you need to remember from this is that cheetah noises are very cute.

General cleaning in my room... And I found things I forgot they exist :D

This is at least 3 years old... Sorry for quality, paper is not in the best condition...

I stopped using #Windows long before it got to this point, but judging from the amount of memes spawned like this, I wonder how Windows users can *still* think they really own their computers.

#freesoftware for life!

#Linux #updates #meme

Last week users found a way to restore the windows 10 like start menu in Windows 11, Microsoft has now patched windows 11 so that it is no longer possible. They are determined to force you to use it the way the designed and not let you customize it at all.

Now might be a better time than ever to switch to Linux

#Microsoft #windows #Windows11 #Linux

Anyone alse has continuous problem with file upload? When I try to add image to post I receive 503 error and have to try multiple times before I am able to add it successfully. I had account only on this server so I couldn't check if it is instance-related problem.

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