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Most popular Polish asexuality forum uses plain again 😬 I captured login attempt process in Wireshark without problem - and many other actors possibly could do the same.
Kids, use , please...

So, CTemplar is gone... 😢
Just migrated this account to my Tutanota address. I have to change some more accounts/services before I will completely lose access.
I am sad, I liked their service.


We had birthday party in our family there.

Statue - probably Pinocchio - near the entrance.


I was on east side of Vistula river, dark buildings are in central region of the city.
It's rather "phone cameras aren't good in weak light" than photo artwork done on purpose 😅

Going through random HN discussion I found new word. "Twittercide". It means deleting Musksite account when one can't stand more toxicity.
It's also very funny when many people independently propose possible solutions for toxicity problems. "Give control to users/communities", "create smaller circles and communities in larger network". So they see cetralization is doomed to fail at huge scale. But no one of them seems to realize alternative network with these perks ALREADY EXISTS 🤔

I wonder if I would be the first person developing thanks to using ....
😂 :mastodon:

I wonder if something is going to happen... I am not up-to-date with news currently and now I can see mentions here. Is there any significant change in this threat these days?

I installed because I need to keep connection to two distinct servers (have Element for long time). From F-Droid of course...
After first launch and login I could see notificaton like: "It seems you have Android phone without services. It's a good decision for your privacy..."
And later some info about possible ways to enable notifications.

I love FOSS apps! :D

CW: Pain mentioned 

My subjective pain tresholds...

Having tatoos on whole back: Ok, yeah, sure...

Having to go to dentist: Dying of fear every damn time.


Souvenir medal - everyone has these, winners were also given another special awards.
Text on this: "Vivat May, 3rd of May"
On back side we could have added our names and times of run.

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(Photo taken after. It is not visible here but it was 2500-3000 people who participated.)

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