Partially inspired by programmer with - and partially by my actions in the kitchen in real life. Luckily I finally DIDN'T spill the milk on the table and/or the floor.

Tranlation from Polish:

- What are you doing?!
- The same thing as usual. I pretend I have .

# In reality conversation was exactly like this 😄

I restored all databases, then git server and my instance. Restoring other services in progres.


from 7.5 to 8.1: Don't do it at home, kids!

Example of . In some office someone had wrong map, with wrong marked road and parcels. It turned out in reality gates are in other places - but they insisted to build in places marked on map. 🤦

Holy Mother of Packages, saint patron of Arch Linux, AUR and carefree package maintainers.

Not my idea, vision was mine.

Next day of cypherpunk-parnoid's life...

Sitting in front of computer with my father with whom I am almost no-contact most time.

Me: *tries to download some files from the internet, fighting with uMatrix, then logs into Protonmail account with two-password mode*
Father: Are you a spy? And when did you become one?


Scratch an Itch: Make Apps for Linux 

The most FOSS projects start because someone, somewhere, sees a problem (the itch) and they start programming their way to a solution (the scratch). So if you ever had an idea for an application you personally need you may find others have a similar desire and you should scratch that itch and start to make a Linux app.

#Linux #Foss #OpenSource

My family... Mother has Signal installed. Sister has Signal installed. Both use it when texting with me. And they use Messenger (mother even doesn't have Facebook account and never did) in communication with each other.
My reaction: W T F ?!?!?!?

Cypherpunk privacy paranoid has a hard life with average people around :/

Ok. I'm looking for an #eink #ebook reader that is literally a file system with an ebook reader. That's it. That's all I need. I can side load from #Calibre, it does NOT need internet connectivity, bluetooth etc.

Put book in, load it, read it, enjoy. Any #recommendations?

Looked at and dismissed:


Does anyone know a way to make find from raw files copied from old, deleted instance? I was stupid and didn't had normal :( Now I have only full copy of old files and new container which cannot see them.

I drew this long time ago. Inspired by message I received on chat which looked like desciption in D'n'D inspired games (and stories too)

Translation from Polish:

It makes noises different that any known language. But you instinctively know that tries to tell you it is awake now.

My not-so-new - to celebrate today X-Lab* online meeting.

* and enthusiasts' club at Warsaw Uniwersity of Technology.

Translation from Polish: When I am in X-Lab I feel like this...

I think my mother, mostly afraid of technology, could like . Every app gives notification: "You will not lose any data". 🤣 🤣

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