Yesterday I discovered has possibility to fuse several layers in one. As person with fear of irreversible things I have mixed feeling now 😅

@alexandria fedi is the place where 5-8 stars means you did a good job :comfyheart:

Another Wednesday ... or I am not sure. Someone published on Reddit photo with fat frog like this.

Roman Anin has been released, but has to appear for questioning on Monday. His electronic devices have been confiscated.

This is a good reminder to encrypt your phone memory, and use full disk encryption on your laptop and external storage, especially if you're working in journalism.

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I don't want to write about again but I can't stand last new crap in 🤢

Our judge of the Constitutional Tribunal (who is "famous" as awful and disgusting person for years) attacked trans child (and their school) in social media.
Next day our Commissioner for Child Rights approves her statement.

Our deputy Minister of Education said history schoolbooks are wrong and spread "false ideology" - bacause "not all slave owners were bad". Yes, this idiot is defending slavery... 🤮

Good day (night?) for fixing (or breaking much more??) some crap...


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