I have moral dilemma when I see people with leaflets. I know they want to earn money and they have to do it. But getting leaflets sends signal to companies that their strategy works and it embraces this practice.
Is it necessary to sacrifice some people's jobs to show companies our disagreement to this offline spam?

When you are some things are bitter-tiring-funny...

- We would have online meeting tomorrow.
- OK... What do you mean by "online"?
- Google Meet.
- Ehm, would be possible to join if someone doesn't have Google account?
- Of course, you shouldn't worry about this.
*long breath of relief*

It reminds me long time of my education life stage, when I didn't use Fa**book...

Had very busy weekend... Worked with my (of course with help, mainly my mother) about 7 - 9 hours a day. Like full-time job :D

Today I learned...
...word "sideloading" is also used when someone simply save/upload book files on their ebook reader.
Even using device with storage to store own data is currently weird anomaly?!

it on some random ebook-related site

Inspired by screenshot my sister sent me. It was from some mobile game - maybe Fishdom again, at least something with similar graphic style.

Drew this for my friend who sent me article about Australian fighting against anonymity in the internet and made few bitter jokes (this was his vision).

For last several months I often try to imagine living in a country with password disclosure laws. I wonder if I would bo brave enought to defend my privacy, and go to jail for keeping my password to myself... if I would be brave enough to sacrifice myself for my values.

Dear diary,
today I learned how to configure triggers in a way that actually works 😅
Maybe time for installing Zabbix on my own VPS?

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