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Kaczynski in his speech almost declared war against Polish society. He encouraged borderline nazi groups to "defend our country and tradition".
I realized how bad things in our country are. Politics became a concern for life and death. There are no supporters and opponents, we have fanatic devotees and "dangerous enemies".

There are thousands of people on the streets.

@madargon Even the are against them. Image hidden because I'd rather not have her face on my activity feed.

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There are more in many cities. Our society is really angry. Other groups, also disappointed by our awful ruling party (gatronomy workers without work and government support, farmers, minor entrepreneurs, today I heard about miners) started joining protesting .
Our ruling losers and idiots successfully made enemies in many social groups this year. I really wish they fail soon.

Crowd yelled to PiS (Law and Justice, our almost authoritarian ruling party) to f**k off. "Je** PiS!" ("F**k Pis") became popular slogan after some shady scandals around our presidental election this year.
It is also known as symbolic eight stars (***** ***), censored as kind of workaround during pre-election silence, these stars are popular symbol of many current protests in Poland.

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Crowd yelled about women's right to decide about their bodies. At that moment we was still near Kaczyński's house.

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We started near house of our pitiful wanna-be dictator, Jarosław Kaczyński (like "kaczka", Polish word for duck, so "Duck off" banners). Street was closed by police. Later we received message this coward was hiding in our Prime Minister's house, so we walked there. And there was more and more people who joined us.

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Warsaw, 23.10.2020

after near total ban on in .

Highest court ruled that abortions due to fetal defects were unconstitutional. Around 98% of abortions in Poland had been conducted as a result of fetal defects, so the ruling bans virtually all terminations taking place in the country.

We already have some of the strictest abortion laws in Europe and will now only allow a termination in cases of rape, incest or when the mother's life in danger.

One of my friends (programmer) was angry on , their devices and/or software and said something like he don't want to tolerate "drug visions of apple-eaters". I thought it sounds cool and drew this.

Years ago, when I read Donald Duck/Disney comics, I imagined own characters in this and tried to draw them in notebooks. Currently I tried to re-create some of this.

Another traininig. No, it's not self-portrait even if it accidentally looks similar.

I "love" that Polish phrase for is derived form Polish word for . How the hell does this cancer have anything in common with community?! Things usally considered as social media are trap and mine created by , not by communities.

## I know we currently have some community-driven social media. But average internet user doesn't know they exist. When I say/write something like "I posted this on Mastodon" reactions are: Where? What is Mastodon?

Two of my coworkers talked on chat about games they played. And one of them made funny .
Second guy ask him if "Romb Raider" (Polish spelling) is a prequel of .
And he sent me screenshot of their conversation and asked if I could draw this.

Where the says goodnight

There is real point called this name. Most dangerous place I found until now. I had to climb rusty technical ladder, difficult to reach from concrete platform near/below, especially for someone with my dwarf-like height. And I did it at night. I feel lucky this didn't finish badly...

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