Damn that felt good. Like 90% of my friends and family are on either #Signal or #Telegram now and I only kept #WhatsApp because everyone uses it. Finally I have no reason to need it in my life.

So my son just used our personal #Nextcloud #server to have a video conference with his teacher because #Microsoft #Teams was having technical issues. That's kinda cool. #selfhosted

"Protocols, not Platforms" was @mmasnick's beautifully phrased, crucial contribution to the discussion about accountability, choice and competition in social media. @twitter's Project Blue Sky is trying to make it a reality.


My father: If you used social media, you should set viper as you profile picture.
Me: Okay...


I am proud of myself πŸ˜›

I successfully broke something during login to . Tried few times, received error with something like "error with remote account". I had to close site and wait until cookie-autodelete fix it for me.

Yesterday I read about searching in phones by police in US. Today morning I found this β†’ i.redd.it/p98pe8o9e3d61.jpg
and thought it's time to move latest images from my phone to my computer (external storage in phone isn't encrypted)
In Poland it isn't real threat - now - but if it would become a threat it would be too late. And I found many photos and videos from October anti-government protests I participated in.
I think I should remove any "private" data from devices other than my main laptop.

- one of characters I imagined in 2016, after conversations and jokes with my good friend. I didn't have more cleer visions of them - and skill - to attempt, until now.

Brother and sisters... I sinned.
And I did it more than once... Almost every day last three years!

I reinstalled to fix some things (from APK file on their site). Some things really fixed itself but it created this permanent about working in background. After research I found thread on github with solution.
And finally I could hide annoying permanent notifications from EVERY app ✌️
(had some of this for several months, now I keep only )

Now I should look for solution for this "your network is monitored" which is currently always permanent πŸ€”

Tried to draw something like from wall patterns in The Sims 4. Finally it is not exactly this...

Stick with , y'all. Yes, they're still dealing with the MASSIVE influx of users, but it's hard to predict that you're going to have growth on the scale Signal has seen, and today's was the biggest influx yet.

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