I cannot catch this stupid little fucking flying spider it just keeps zooming around all over the place

if you put too much stock in the concept of emotional labour, friendships become jobs

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris do not exist on the same aesthetic plane. They look wrong standing side by side. It’s like the scenes in Spiderverse where John Mulaney’s Spider-Pig is hanging around the other spider-men but not funny.

meritocracy is plainly bullshit and actually breeds incompetence 

Belief in meritocracy ignores that people can easily get advantages in the form of wealth or power which significantly aid their "merit" or can outright subvert any system trying to evaluate their "merit". It is just complete bullshit. What if we just didn't do jobs we aren't capable of and stopped punishing people for doing different types of work? That would be better than how these meritocratic systems just end up putting incompetent privileged white failsons in roles they're not actually capable of doing because they had a private tutor their entire life to get this job and never learned anything from all the handholding they got, or their parents donated money to all the schools they went to so they'd get in and not drop out before. Ta-da! Now you have your "successful" career you're completely unqualified for!

Honestly some of my peers really ought to be doing something else they're more capable of or that brings them more happiness and not have to be fearful of becoming impoverished and shit for admitting they're not suited for their work.

also, quick tangent: fuck work


I have gotten several ad jingles stuck in my head for the first time since childhood and this is unacceptable.


Aight thats it y'all have to take one and nothing else, no grey areas on this one folks

i'll be honest with you I have zero clue of what i'm doing

definitely not a fash country when government assistance to poor people is called "entitlements" by the political class and no one is like "hey that's bad to say"

Les gens, préservez vous du burn out militant. Ça rend de droite.

maybe don't shame people for not participating in a broken system that actively seeks their death

Alright let's get straight to the point ladies and gentleman, is just lite

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