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Looking for a 2D animator for a short project! Marginalized folks especially encouraged to apply! This is a paid gig!

Interested? Email with your portfolio!

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First enemy, Spisel, has been created! It follows the player and can be killed. Still have a few kinks to be ironed out, but I have a workflow now. And I'm starting to understand state machines 😪

Today I combined an Orfjall seat with my existing Dalfred stool. Coding my game the last couple of days took a toll on my back. Hunching over like a gremlin isn't cute 😓

Spent most of the day biking to 4 different hardware stores. Turns out I had the correct bolts at home all along...

Already working on a new game idea. Much, much simpler in terms of mechanics. Basically a survival/shooter? Not too sure yet, but it seems more feasible to complete.

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#MastoArt #3d #art #3dart #CreativeToots

CollectorBot has special equipment that let it do two main unique tasks, first task, it can function as a sort of mobile lab, it can analyze chemical and biological compositions of most substances it come across with at a microscopic level. So it can generate data about materials, substances, chemical interactions, ecosystems compositions etc...

Gonna have to put my game on hold. It's starting to consume all my other projects. I don't have the technical godot know-how to implement my ideas correctly. It's frustrating to learn and code at the same time.
It's one of those moments of realizing that you've bitten off waaaay more than you can chew I guess.
Eh, I'll make something smaller instead. I'll return to this project once I have a better hold on GDScript

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Still toiling away at the game. OMG, There's still so much to do. Tho I do have two enemies and Mondo can stomp them.

L'il cacty is growing. Wish I had taken a pic when I first got it. Thought it was dying for a bit there but no I'm a passable plant daddy

Oof, resized tiles and added more to create a more cohesive world. Tweaked the jump physics, though it's a bit too twitchy for my taste. It's going somewhere!

I was today years old when I learned sharks' skeletons are made of cartilage and not bone. Big ol' swimming noses in the ocean 🤯

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#pixelart #ドット絵

if you like this kind of art, consider supporting me by buying me a coffee for just $3:

Alright, I like this one! Simplified it and still retains bounciness. Gotta actually code now 😒😏

First stage. Still very rough as I'm still working on the tilemap and fiddling with the physics. Mondo can't even climb ladders!

I already have one enemy designed but will draw more concepts tomorrow. Off to bed with me

Dreamt that my roommates stole my pillows.
It's either weird shit or the most mundane banal stuff 乁( •_• )ㄏ

Animation update! Still have to tweak a lot. Not super happy with it but it's getting there. His run cycle should be bouncy to really sell his happy-go-lucky personality.

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