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How do bugs get fixed in LibreOffice? And prevented from ever creeping in again? Dive under the hood of the software and learn how the QA process works:

Anuncio mi primer #curso online totalmente gratis que se va a ir publicando los días Lunes y Jueves desde este Jueves… Es un minicurso sobre #mariadb y #nodejs para crear nuestro #webservice

Nextcloud Talk 12 takes on Whatsapp and Skype for Business with:

⏺ voice messages
🗺 location sharing
📆 Outlook integration
🙇 profile and privacy settings
🗑️ message deletion and links
🖼️ easy image sharing
💥 and much more!

The @kde #PlasmaMobile team release the 21.07 update. It includes improvements to the overall performance of the environment; many new features in Kast, the podcast app; and stylistic tweaks to KClock, KRecorder, and KWeather, among many other things.

We just released #newpipe 0.21.6 bringing the ability to hide played items in the feed, better handling of deleted YouTube channels and full SAF support (yes, finally 🎉). You are also able to search for hashtags in stream descriptions by tapping on them.
This release also contains a bunch of bug fixes and other improvements, updated translations and more. To get all the details, have a look at our blog:

Sobre el derecho a reparar n
¿Que es el derecho a reparar?¿De donde viene?¿Que aplicaciones tiene?¿En que nos afecta? Algunas reflexiones sobre el derecho a reparar.


We are hiring two engineers to join our applications team @torproject and help us build privacy tools used by millions around the world!

Our Applications Team's main project is the Tor Browser, but we have plans to develop other apps in the near future.


Descarga de forma gratuita el libro:

«Software Libre para una Sociedad Libre»

Este libro recopila diversos ensayos de Richard Stallman, fundador de la #FreeSoftwareFundation

Con prólogo de Lawrence Lessig creador de la iniciativa #CreativeCommons


288 - Checksum, comparar y convertir desde el gestor de archivos de Ubuntu

Algunas extensiones para personalizar y adaptar tu gestor de archivos preferido a tus necesidades, ya sea Nauti...

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