I got awarded observing time! Observing nights over Thanksgiving. My expat Thanksgiving is going back to the week after the holiday this year I think.

Avoiding the conference dinner tonight, partly to avoid COVID transmission but also to avoid crowds. I need a break from crowds tonight. I am still learning to be okay with taking the time to be alone when needed.

Horne - we have a growing dependence on satellites, and satellites are sensitive to space weather

Horne - we need targeted research to improve space weather forecasting

Day 3 of I am co-organizing the Solar System Exploration: Ground-based and Space-Mission Observations session.

A bit more than 10 minutes until the world gets to see the first image from the now fully commissioned nasa.gov/nasalive

A large round of applause in the room for Sarah Casewell who gave a lovely virtual plenary

An FYI: This week I am at the UK's National Astronomy Meeting. I'm using the hashtag nam2022.org/science/block-sche

Dr. Sarah Casewell giving today's second plenary about Brown dwarfs in the desert

Formation pathways for giant planets and the haziness of the smaller planets still requires observations and lab experiments to understand according to Jayne Birkby's plenary talk

We can't contain the excitement for @NASAWebb's first full-color images! On Monday, July 11 at 5pm ET (21:00 UTC), President Biden will unveil one of the space telescope's first images of deep space as a preview of what's ahead: go.nasa.gov/3NUQ8Dx pic.twitter.com/1wFZGkqrx8 twitter.com/NASA/status/154629

is this week. First in-person meeting that my entire research group is attending. I am looking forward to hearing all the cool astronomy and planetary science research being done in the UK.

I appreciate having the ability to in-person meetings and getting the ability to have conversations outside the meeting located outside in the fresh air for maximal COVID safety.

Very glad to hear that the upcoming Vera C. Rubin Observatory Project and Community Workshop will now be mandating mask wearing based on the success of at minimizing spread. project.lsst.org/meetings/rubi

This week I am at the Comet Interceptor Meeting at the University of Oxford. Fun to learn more about the ESA mission's development

Looking forward to talking about the Planet Four project at

I am loving the new overleaf feature to open the compiled PDF in a new tab.

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