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Supporting Biden = Supporting the People’s Republic of China = Supporting Stealing 179 USD from Meow

您的稿件《芭芭拉滑翔》(BV1of4y1B7Xp - 投稿序号:524264602)未能通过审核且被锁定(锁定稿件无法被编辑)。原因:您的视频中含有低俗内容,根据相关法律法规政策,予以锁定。

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Finished the storyline of Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire today!

Successfully switched to for my Z370 build today!

There have been many tests of image formats earlier before, but this time DSSIM was introduced for the more objective and more scientific comparison between lossy formats including JPEG, WebP and AVIF. Optimisation for Reconquest at Night was also introduced for reducing colour banding and adding a tremendous shallow depth of field.

MacBook Pro(2012年)用小工具升級Windows 10到20H2會卡白畫面然後只能復原,必須要從微軟官方網站下載ISO安裝才能順利升級。

An extremely powerful extratropical cyclone near Iceland from Hurricane in 6 days later?

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