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The #Kdenlive team have managed to make KDE's full-featured video editor work on macOS. There is now a nightly version of Kdenlive you can test:


Be advised that Kdenlive for Mac is beta software and not recommended for production.

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A comprehensive, tabular comparision of messaging apps.


The "Session" messenger is now being recommended by the given (and documented) ratings.

Following messengers are being compared: Google Messages, Apple #iMessage, Facebook Messenger, #Element / #Riot, #Signal, Microsoft #Skype, #Telegram, #Threema, #Viber, Facebook #Whatsapp, Amazon #WickrMe, #Wire, #Session

My just bought Poco X3 Pro has now had the degoogled treatment. So far so good. (Not so) fun fact when it comes to Xiaomi devices: you have to wait 7 days before the phone is unlocked. 😯

A friend of mine who's a professional photographer paid over 10k for a website redesign (along with some branding services). He just sent me a link and asked me what I think about it. I see now he received a boilerplate website based on elementor.com/hello-theme/

Seriously, is this the way they do it these days?

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Have to try github.com/fork-maintainers/ic for an extended list of compatible add-ons. It is still nuts that the ability run javascript bookmarlets was stripped from on Android though. It's the only reason I've been running Kiwi Browser lately.

So, close to 700 euro for the new @Fairphone 4 with a plastic case and a USB-C to 3.5 mm adapter here in Sweden. I need a phone now, so I'm afraid it it will have to be an unfair phone again. Poco X3 Pro it seems. Very recent, large battery and official LineageOS support.

There's really nothing more dreadful and boring than buying a new phone. :tiredcat:

@pinafore is pretty much love at first sight. So far I'm only missing settings to adjust the width of the timeline div and hide boosts.

My phone is dead and it seems the Fairphone 4 will be released tomorrow. Good timing for once? I wonder how long before official LinageOS support will arrive though... Haven't run a degoogled phone in ages and not sure I'm willing to compromise. Xiaomi Poco X3 is my second choice. Rather beefy battery and official LineageOS support.


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This came out the other day: components.one/posts/the-new-p

"This report argues that consumer technology reviewers have failed their basic nominal purpose of critiquing tools. Instead, inspired by values introduced by Apple in the late 1990s, the tech review industry prioritizes aesthetic lust as the primary critical factor for evaluating objects. The reification of these values in their scoring system is transmitted to consumers and manufacturers alike. Like other prurient things, the objects designed within this paradigm are optimized not for usefulness but for photogenic and telegenic properties, a framework that finds its fullest realization in YouTube reviews and unboxing videos. There, even the intimation of critical rigor within tech reviewing vanishes, the smartphone becomes the center of gravity, and manufacturers are even further incentivized to design products for end consumers who are less users than viewers."

@ritualdust Just wanted to say that surfing your website while listening to Lifelover was a pretty good match. 🧙

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It’s time to break our broken phone habit. 📱💥

What if your next phone could last 10 years?

Check out the #10YearPhone powered by @R2REurope@twitter.com 🙌

➡️ 10yearphone.com

RT @R2REurope@twitter.com


Are you ready to say hello to the next generation of smartphones 👋 and bye to throw-away products?

Meet the new #10YearPhone 📱

Pre-order yours now - join the next gen 👩‍🚀


🐦🔗: twitter.com/R2REurope/status/1

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Oh no! I blocked web fonts on my browser and forgot every #webdev loves to use icon fonts instead of SVGs 🤦

Look at the state of this #Mastodon UI 😂 Squares everywhere! 🙃

So, you want to run Dimensions of the Machine from Remastered without installing one of those proprietary game stores? Install vkQuake 1.11.0 from github.com/Novum/vkQuake/tree/ and download the Dimensions of the Machine pak0.pak in mg1/ from ia903403.us.archive.org/view_a

No Google Day is tomorrow. Or at least it used to be? I wonder if it had been worded same way in this day and age. "The No-Google-Day is not a protest against Google. We like Google and use it every day!"

Probably not.


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KDE Plasma powers the desktop of the Valve #SteamDeck.


Congrats Valve for releasing #SteamDeck! Thank you for choosing Plasma!

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