Just installed v14 of @Tusky. This app has become ridiculously well polished! 👏🙌

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We launched this long-term subscription last year, to look to our next 5 years of building a calm, independent company that'll still be here decades from now.

After other VC-funded companies have come and gone, we'll still be here, answering only to the people who use our software -- because they're the ones who help keep our lights on.

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Whenever I see something distributed via pip I run. I later come back because I actually needed the script/program and I fight pip/python and its paths and versions a couple of hours. Sometimes I succeed. Today was not such a day. github.com/bbolli/tumblr-utils just will not find youtube_dl. Only a sadist could come up with this package management. 🤬

(sorry python devs, I just need to cool off)

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@chriswere Hey Chris! I also maintain an "open source frontends" lists. Have you seen teddit.net/ ? It's nojs and awsum!

Strong and non-objectified female protagonists in retro games – help me find them!

Would like to eventually prep a gaming station for my daughter.

Found the below list, but (as expected) protagonists are usually extremely male gazeish and most games can't be emulated by a Pi 4.

So, why on earth isn't there a add-on for the browser? There has to be a reason!

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„Svenska datatermgruppen rekommenderar att man använder sig av beteckningen snabel-a,[8] och inte av alternativa namn som "kanelbulle", "alfaslang", "kringla", "alfakrull" eller "at-tecken" [...]“

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