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Think EXTREME MAKEOVER but for FLOSS 😎 @cryptpad 4.0 is out!

How it started. How it's going

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RT @TheRegister@twitter.com

Slack has entered the Matrix: Element builds a bridge to realm of encrypted, decentralised comms reg.cx/3Yhv

πŸ¦πŸ”—: twitter.com/TheRegister/status

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So, now I can't even delete my account without handing them a cellphone number.

Did I succeed with what I tried to achieve in the first place? Hell no! πŸ˜†

This all reminds me why I shouldn't tread these waters in the first place. Once you're, you won't get out.

It will get your comments as json and create a worthy backup.

But, to get the high res files you need to log in using that. I used: instaloader --login=username --tagged --comments --dirname-pattern={profile} --filename-pattern={date_utc:%Y%m%d}-{shortcode} username

However, Instagram pretty soon realized something fishy was going on, so they decided to pull the plug and required to give me some a string of numbers that would tie my account to the meatspace me.

Of all big tech social media I hate Instagram the most. I just spent 3 hours attempting to download all my photos with comments and delete all photos from my timeline.

You can't delete your photos from their web app. The last thing I want is to install the Android app. So, first I had to install Android x86 via VirtualBox. I then had to go to apkmirror to get Instagram for x86.

The best way to download seems to be instaloader.github.io/

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Phaedra gets a nice mention in the Tales from the Dork Web: thedorkweb.substack.com/p/a-we Cheers @stevelord

Sadly not 55KB any more, but getting more and more useful.

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It is strange how hard @pla's death hit me today. Neither did I interact with that many posts he published on the fediverse, nor did I read all of his blog posts regularly. Most of it just scrolled by. Nevertheless, I am sad that his extremely positive attitude will not be around here anymore. It is quite easy to enjoy #cycling, but only to share the negative aspects of it on the internet. @pla did not do that.

I guess that means we all have to talk more about great cycling experiences.

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Waking up to see the sad news that @pla passed away and requests to share #cycling pictures in his memory.

Here's one from August on The Great Glen Way.


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I’ll miss @pla #cycling photos and sandwich updates. This is my most recent cycling photo (learning how cycling pilots help vision impaired people ride safely) and thoughts to his family and friends.

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If you are a #cyclist, please share your ride photos. It would be nice to honor @pla's life of cycling after such sad news.

Please boost this if you can. Thanks.

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*Century Rider*

His daily commute,
A regular route,
Astride his bike,
A ride to like.

Then weekends came
With more of the same
Riding a "century",
An adventurer, he.

It came to an end
On a road with no bend
His joy is now hushed,
By a car he was crushed.

But where is the moral,
The memorial laurel?
At bad drivers, I'm pissed.
PLA, you will be missed!


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