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A few hours ago, my great friend the Zany Zen (she's on the right) invited me over for a -themed photoshoot in . Naturally, I jumped at the chance. So, here we are, both all dolled up and shiny.

Zen's own photo is here:

Just over a week has passed since , 's CEO, passed away, and many are discussing his successor. But are you all sure we're asking the right questions?

May has been really hectic in RL, so I took a break from blogging, postponing the opinion pieces and travelogues I wanted to write. However, I didn't neglect my story writing. So, after a lengthy gestation forced by the vagaries and distractions of RL, I published "Sixteen Months", the second instalment in my "Inner Sanctum" series of short stories:

So, is flagged as a security risk because its admins couldn't be arsed to renew the security certificate that expired on May 15. Way to go, morons.

So yeah, I'm going through a bit of a more extreme (in terms of fetishism) phase in . I got rid of something that gave my avatar a sense of agency that I don't always need in my relationship with Mistress (Her full SL name is blurred to protect Her privacy). I've marked the image as "sensitive" for semi-obvious reasons.

This time, it's not an opinion piece or an analysis. It's a short story, set in a fictional virtual world called "" (not totally unlike ). It's the first in what I call "The Inner Sanctum Series".

Blog post:

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German Neonazis, including Steven Trapke a functionary of the NPD party, are attempting to re-form the far-right terrorist network #AtomwaffenDivision in Europe, recruiting minors for their fight. #Antifa #NoNazis #NoNazisSH #Elmshorn #Pinneberg

The group "College of Scripting Music & Science" used to be a useful resource where people could ask questions about scripting and share their knowledge with others. Unfortunately, over the past few months, Keystoner March (one of its admins) decided to turn it into his personal & propaganda platform. The other admins are too spineless to do something about it. Enough is enough.-

LOL, 's most overrated pundit, Hamlet Au, unfriended me on Plurk.

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