So the hard part is feeling your buttons being pushed … taking a breath … and manifesting a reality into existence where those buttons do not even exist.

If they finish like they started, will be the franchise of the decade … if not the franchise of the first half of the century. Frank Herbert’s material is that good.

So pumped that (Part One) is actually part one … these m0therf$&kers did it right.

Playing around with Google Tag Manager, used my custom Hugo theme to lay in some global Javascript variables capturing the per-post estimated reading time, which are picked up by Google Tag Manager to fire timers. Now Imma know when y’all actually be “reading” them essays.

Waste a morning proxying Plausible through Cloudflare and incorporating that configuration as an option into your plugin just ‘cause you’re curious … f$&kin’ ✓

Nothing says healthy living like a slice of orange at the bottom of a beer glass.

Six … the answer was six Frank Herbert novels … and for some reason Children of Dune really stuck in my head.

How many Frank Herbert novels did I read? Fingers-f$&king-crossed is up to the challenge … and in it for the long haul.

Somewhere around episode six be reminding me of the magnificence of the trilogy I vaguely remember reading.

Processing audio signals to extract a chroma spectrogram for feeding into a neural network that predicts the likeliest of 74 frequency patterns forming common musical chords … what I was up to around this time last ...

When the modern social construct, and the behavior it has normalized, forces you to disable comments on a promotion so it remains available for those interested in the intellectual journey without accumulating dead space near the jumping off point.

The reach of my Twitter promotion into the Upside Down for the ‘web traffic’ campain has been higher than expected. (The ‘followers’ campaign crowd from last week were a lovely bunch).

You’re an absolute moronic idiotic waste of time!🤨The 💉☠️💉☠️ is the 🦠🤦🏻‍♂️

Two questions she just continues to ask despite already knowing the answer:
1. Do you want any wine?
2. Do you want desert?

Okay … maybe I’ve just been looking at the wrong screen all this time.

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