The spousal-type is a tough sell … but I be diggin’ That Damn Michael Che.

Liquidate irreverent state
Sedatious painted faces…

Seething up cerebral shunt
Ubiquitous union, sin-eating libations…

I guess it’s time to hit the creative head
To piss away hope and expectation

Are there any intellectual media platforms or we f$&kin’ stuck with just the social ones?

Alrighty … time to stick some a$$holes in beach wear.

And it looks like Biden has added himself a digital substation … what’ll he think of next?

And now beach Biden’s built a fixed wireless broadband tower.

It kinda surprised me that expanding my narrative by inserting in place nine of my essays and loading them into a 197 tweet thread via Ulysses copy/paste only took an hour or so … that I needed to do so, however, still feels bass ackwards.

Looks like he’s got some big boy tools now … and he’s added himself a pipeline for some clean drinking water.

Convincing folks to vote against their own interests is a time-honored political staple … but never has it been easier than now … with end-to-end control over what your base perceives as reality.

Side note: impression is not the word I would use to describe what you’re providing Jack.

Look … I like Kier … but I am still looking for any value in the sit down with Vladimir Putin. I can’t find it … and the way y’all be selling it should make ya feel dirty inside … or you truly are lost within your media masquerade.

I am not a pacifist. My militance ain’t nuthing ta f’ wit. That the only victorious path my logic-driven mind can visualize amounts to a homegrown humanitarian effort says so much … to those not so dismissive that they are unable to hear … or worse … unwilling to listen.

Barb just explained to y’all the sh$t show on its way … if that’s not what you heard … holler … I can explain.

We can deprogram them … or we can fight them … y’all make up your f$&king minds and put me to use.

My militance has returned … spoiling for a fight … nothing to lose … totally ready to be an election official. Put me in coach.

And it looks like beach Biden is building himself a bridge.

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