So I finally Googled selling digital art prints and uploaded some images. Turns out they’re hosting a shop for me.

Part of me wants to do a day in Earth Two’s information ecosystem concept … the rest of me can’t stomach the research it would require.

Alrighty … ‘bout ready to add our marionettes waiting backstage.

The new profile header I assembled the other day from the art created since deciding to dabble (mid-April).

The hummingbird that spends most of her waking hours with me.

Sergeant’s opening statement is a rough listen.

Art buddy from said it needed a background … so I took a run at adding one.

I guess we kinda have a poor man’s cyberpunk robot look going for our ascendant propaganda machine now.

Initial outline for my ascendant propaganda machine … thinking of taking it cyberpunk.

If there is a better vehicle for destabilizing a nation than convincing half its population that a deadly, debilitating pandemic is a hoax intended to oppress, I can’t think of it. Well played Putin.

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