Feels like I'm researching in reverse. Tracking down evidence that established f$&kers had the same thoughts I have. Y'all are some ridiculous f$&kers, so no doubt it will pay off.

Reminder for the folks still shoving eggs into the January 6th Committee basket: accountability is necessary; but, it cannot solve the dual reality democracy problem.


With regard to the previous, my non-expert perspective is precisely what they're missing. Producing a solution to the dual reality democracy extinction problem requires its essence. The entire dragon essay is built upon this sentiment.

Luchins' Water Jar Experiment (which gave this phenomenon a name, the Einstellung Effect) tells us why they fail. Give it a search, paying special attention to the bits about the extinction problem.


I think it turns out that my superpower is mental modeling (no worries y'all, and keep a lid on my power, less than a handful can even recognize it). cognitiontoday.com/mental-mode

Side note: sorting out why that which I stated in the previous post was occuring would become the motivation driving the dragon essay.

Finally tracked down the established science backing my theory of why I've been consistently 6 months ahead of political pundits (those that manage to get there anyway) since engaging during the first impeachment:


The greatest single drawback for a speaking species is conditional love.

When the philosopher you were reading last year dovetails with the fourth wall transcendent metaphor walkthrough section you're writing.

When @alroker throws it to your local weather and you're shown a map of your surroundings with an overlay displaying which segments are most likely to spontaneously burst into flames like mother nature be evicting an abusive tenant from a rental all, "F$&k you, I'll rebuild."

Bee tee dubs, for like the next 11 months every single posted tweet containing a link or an image is gonna be hidden behind a sensitive content warning. Not a one of them will actually contain such content. Appeals go unanswered. @TwitterSupport f$&kin' blows.

When one of the papers you randomly picked out regarding cognitive pattern recognition and judging similarity ends up totally supporting the grand argument of the essay you've been rewriting (that worldview diversity bumps problem solving efficacy).

Bee tee dubs, digging . Not sure if it's an English dub only accidental easter egg, but it's kinda fun that they start out all "time runs slower in the divine realm" and switch to it running faster upon realizing they f$&ked up.

I see made the . I don't know enough to judge whether he f$&ked up; but, watching the segment made me feel like reminding y'all of how our dual reality society is currently configured.

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