Great shooting last Thursday for the new North Pacific video...coming soon!
Album launch now planned for 9 July. Watch this space!

hi guys an' gals!

Here is my brand new video 'I'm a Vampire' (kinda Dracula meets Kids United)

If you like it please join my youtube channel. More coming soon!

I'm also launching my very own star factory Kiddy Klips, offering made-to-measure songs and videos for kids of all ages. Details here:

Hello! Here is my stadium rock hit 'Crowd-pleaser'.
As performed in the show Forever Jung, starring Noemi Tiberghien, Benedicte Hendrick, Cécile Girboux and Christine Eekhout.

hello! Here is ORANGE. Recorded in my Scottish castle at the height of my orange obsession.

Hello from my Scottish castle!
I just made a video of my new song Orange, using a home-made 'camping tripod', made from a boot, a shoe and a fishing rod. So proud. Video coming soon.

You ever have pictures on your phone where you can see your computer's screen from long ago, and you catch a glimpse of people you were talking to back then who are no longer around. Wild

This is a 'dead-stream' show I recorded a few weeks ago at the Northern Quarter, a great little music venue in Huddersfield.
The show is recorded on stage, to be projected onto a life-size screen to a socially spaced-out audience.
With thanks to Mike and Sam.

hello from Mr Diagonal, prime minister of pop. Scot in exile.
Mutant troubadour and inventor of mini-universes.


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