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We're proud to be supporting WireGuard again with a donation!

"WireGuard" is a registered trademark of Jason A. Donenfeld

Apple’s iCloud Private Relay feature calls home to Apple servers without respecting the firewall rules of the system, creating a leak that neither we, nor you, can stop without disabling the entire Private Relay feature.

Learn more here:

We currently have 5 jobs available at our office in Gothenburg, Sweden!

Learn more and apply here if you are interested:

Mullvad Privacy Companion, a free Firefox extension helping to improve your online privacy – is now open source.

Read more here:
Download here:
Code available here:

DNS based malware blocking has been added to all our OpenVPN and WireGuard servers!

This feature is available now with version 2022.1 on Desktop and iOS, or via custom DNS if you use Android!

Learn more here:

Double the encryption, double the fun? WireGuard multihop now easily available in the app from version 2022.1!

Our first step towards full System Transparency is here with diskless infrastructure. Try it out as a beta on a pair of WireGuard servers in Sweden.

This marks the start of our long running public facing journey into the System Transparency project.

Read more about it on our blog:

It’s been rolled out! Walk the red carpet with us to revisit this year’s privacy-boosting efforts, count some numbers, and (if you somehow missed it) meet 2021’s furriest hire!

Get the full scoop over on our blog:

Looking for a flashy VPN deal this Friday? Your privacy is worth reclaiming any day of the year, which is why our offer always stands.

Here’s what makes our pricing model stand out:

Got a headache from memorizing all your passwords while compromising your security in the process? Get a passphrase manager! Choose from our 4 recommendations to secure your holy login credentials once and for all:

TL;DR Many of us at Mullvad use Bitwarden or KeePassXC.

WireGuard over TCP and WireGuard over IPv6: both are available for testing on the latest desktop app version.

We want your feedback on how well the first iterations of these advanced features work!

Details on our blog 👉

Calling all early adopters on Windows!

Blaze a trail with us by testing our experimental implementation of the new WireGuardNT kernel driver, then let us know if you get a boost in performance.

To enable it, open the command prompt and run:

“mullvad tunnel wireguard use-wireguard-nt set on”.

Full details on our blog:

Know which of our 21 VPN hosting providers give you the best peering and speeds? Released today in the desktop app is a new filtering feature to help you narrow down the server location list to the ones you prefer.

Find the filter option in the top-right corner of the location selection view.

For full details, read our blog:

We want to provide a reliable and robust service for you. That’s why we recently migrated our backend databases to new hardware.

Read on for details:

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