Leopards give birth any season, they usually give birth to two and three cubs

You feel no need of continuing with safari expedition when you spot a legend of the Mara, Scarface the lion 📸Huzeifa Zakir

Todo el mundo tiene un colega que no permite que salga una puñetera foto en condiciones

My partner. He's a good músicos and h compose his own songs
(We'll, here is not his song.. but he sings...)

Mothers are the best
"A buffalo was surrounded by a clan of Hyenas. The mom was desperately trying to save her already dead calf." 📸 GV Rao
Maasai Mara

who did this to this cute pupper i will hurt them physically

Fun fact about Maasai

Families and clans establish alliances through the exchange of cattle; and consuming the meat and milk of cows is considered a sacred act, one that binds them to their creator.

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