The status quo want desperately again to spread the lie [to the young particularly] - that global sustainability is a return to the Medieval era.

I think about privacy like air, you don't really value it until it's gone.
- Andrew Berardini

This day and age, experts of all professional fields are no longer out to offer impartial advice, any more than some bandit wants to cosh you on the head and empty all your pockets. *NB at least the ruthless bandit has genuine clear intent.

Disrepect the environment in minor ways, always speaks volumes about how a man will also abuse the natural world in extensive ways.

"There are far worse things in the world we could do than this mentioned, or that .... " / "Pales into insignificance ...."

May be true from certain perspective, but such comparison can be unhelpful and diminishes nothing.

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... and respect their environment, then hitting them in the pocket sadly is the only way left to have many people not behave like morons [sad to say it]. Just to reinterate though these extortionate fines are just vulgar profiteering and that's just as vile/worse, as being a scum to the environment.

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Made a YT comment re 3GS Manchester vi

I can't stand authoritarian profiteering greedy companies, I despise this as much and likely more than anybody out there. Having said all this, fly tipping for instance is a big problem in many areas of the UK, as are scumbags who think its alright to allow their dogs to s*it everwhere on paths then just walk away. With a heavy heart in these situations I say that if people can't simply do the right thing ...CONTD

Damn! Meta-Novelty ... Because nothings really fiction

The Vagabond motto:

Don't ever label me homeless. I may be houseless - but I'm NEVER homeless.

Belief in a universal mind, i.e. supreme being, from which all forces of life come, and by a process of reincarnation, all forces of life go back.
~ The Definition of WITCHCRAFT.

"All creativity begins in chaos, progresses in chaos and ends in chaos"
~ Ralph Abraham

Is it even possible right now to pick up a loaf of bread, some buscuits, baked beans or even bed linen in the supermarket - without all the bs being rammed down our throats too?!

[To be clear - they're elitists, warmongers and nonces and we'll certainly not be celebrating in that at some 'street party' ].

If you stand for REAL justice in this world - You stand on the side of the Minority.

If Russia is to now face war crimes - then so too must the U.S. over its illegal invasion, occupation and criminal conduct in Iraq.

Julian Assange is literally more important than ANY other world issue right now .... Everything must start with truth; if you can't begin and defend truth, then you stand for NOTHING.

Please go along if you possibly can
[ Desperately hope that Julian can actually hear the voices of support from within those dreadful prison walls and it gives him some strength ].

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