"Dissent is the highest form of patriotism," - Anon

OTDH : The Women's Strike for Equality was a which took place in New York City on August 26, 1970 thoughtco.com/the-womens-strik

Scary how the System can manipulate and train so many people in the end to the stage where they're begging for their own poison.


100 miles range now, but big issue for me with deciding to get an ebike - is that EVERYONE wants to STEAL the damn thing (any & all bike locks, even the premium ones are pretty much useless tbh). Maybe fine commuting & It's okay if you just do cycling circuits but if you're like me and need to leave it wherever -out and about places to go off waking etc, then being so expensive it's just too much of worry/mad liability.

GRRRRRR... Really Wanna One Though!

Massacre at Ayyadieh August 20, 1191 : Over 3,000 men, women and children, lay beaten to death, axed or killed with swords and lances by 'our brave and honourable Knigths in shining armour' thehistoryjar.com/2018/08/20/t

... not one of them! Finding genuine love is another entire new conversation, which of course requires finding and nurturing love inside of self first! Final N.B : Before misogyny views - think of WOMEN who are in fact instantly rejected based on superficial matters - being large and very curvy, non symetrical features, hair lip etc...

.... babe magnets and experiencing nuch hurt and failure on their own journey, 'poor me' staring at a computer screen day and night hating women is so futile ... men certainly have MANY (albeit in differing forms) shortcomings/flaws, as a generalisation - as much or moreso than women! Also, the looks thing is erroneous or at least exaggerated and used as an excuse, there are FIVE crucial (almost) universal traits men need (...at least semblance of) to attract women and looks is sure... cont'd...

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Not that I idolise players or pickup artists particularly, and the reason is because I value always total authenticity/naturalness - but having said this it must be acknowledged how much effort they do put into their craft, as I say I do not admire any deception to gain favours but many 'black pillers' think that 'chads' have all handed to them on a plate and that's just not the reality - many have to work at it years and hone their talents, often devoting their lives to being ... Cont'd ...

Have some quite lengthy thoughts to share on since have been researching and contemplating this unpleasant issue in light of the horrendous recent shootings and similar cases over recent years #alekmissasian

Cont'd ....

More PROUD Moments Driven by Economic World this Month...

Announcement: .Gov and corporations are to now penalise those working from home with significant pay cuts -- mass empowerment & green progressiveness CERTAINLY ethic to be discouraged !

MPs (...on £100k per annum) no longer to pay for PCR tests ...as universal credits payments for struggling families to get AXED

A smirking Sunak claims economy doing greater than expected - Status quo stimulating spiel/ 'suspected' false narrative afoot

I'm near lost for words for once-absolutely horrendous that someone could do that to anyone especially a poor innocent little girl.
He bemoaned 'not being attrtactive to women' & 'loveless / resentfully unwillingly celibate'- but it's apparent largely because he instantly scared women, they're most perceptive on danger & weirdo (NB; bad weird that is). Davison needed to Look In The Mirror /closer to home re his OWN inadequacy issues! Rather than lash out in misogyny.

NEVER trust Washington -- and
NEVER FORGET: Until the day the West deserted - They broadly labelled the Afghan people "sand rats" and "camel f*ckers" - They ubiquitously deemed their land "hell's crap hole" and "god forsaken dump". - 20 years of Devastation and utter SHAME

The Universe is my Home
The Earth is my Nation
Nature is my Temple
To do Good is my Religion.

~ Anon

Probably in the 70s less than 30% of the people cared about and judged you on the size of house you lived in, car you owned, job you did, or schools you'd attended,

Reality is today it's probably around 90% care ONLY about these things/couldn't give a DAMN actually in truth about any human qualities.

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