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A cloth doesn't directly protect me, it protects you, it protects all of us if we all wear them, and it will shorten the time we're all stuck at home. Even Shitbook is trying to counter the false narratives about masks.

I imagine that a dozen years from now, the RNC campaign slogan will be "Make America Great Again, Again, and Again, and once more."

Just wanted to say a big fuck you to all the parents insisting that a Texas teacher be suspended for daring to have a poster in her virtual classroom. WTF exactly are you assholes afraid of - that your child may become too compassionate?

I wonder if Zuck would give me his passwords so I could scour his computer for info that would help me customize an advertisement that matches his interests? I want him to have a meaningful and robust internet experience.

My top five RiffTrax flicks based on no particular criteria:

Cool as Ice
Future Force
Alien Outlaw

I couldn't stomach watching the RNC, but I had some good laughs this morning seeing the news highlights. "Make America Great Again, Again?" WTF - that sounds like something from Colbert or The Onion. Feels good to laugh about something again. What a shit show.

"The FBI and NSA have issued a joint report warning that Russian state hackers are using a previously unknown piece of Linux malware to stealthily infiltrate sensitive networks, steal confidential information, and execute malicious commands."

Shitbook's Portal meets Mozilla's "Minimum Security Standards" when it comes to privacy. Ummm, what part of "Shitbook is a privacy vampire" does Mozilla not understand?

Torres: The democratization of science and technology is hazardous to our safety, and the only protection will be through creating a supersingleton. Not just a singleton, but a super one...really.

Psychology Today is generally shite, but the idea of a hedonic treadmill is kind of compelling...

What note/organizing apps do peeps here recommend? Looking at Joplin as an alternative to OneNote

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