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I'm seriously thinking on buying some land and cultivate it. The thought has always been there (family stuff), and it looks like the time'd be now. But I have no clue where to begin. And I have no one left to ask about it
(about techs? yes; health? yes; politics? yes; pop culture? ofc; agriculture? ... )

I know things change between countries, legislations, species, even growing traditions. But if anyone has any link, knowledge or suggestion, I'd sincerely appreciate.

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Ayer me di cuenta de que hay gente que no sabe esto, así que:

Cuando veas que a alguien con un montón de cosas en las manos se le cae algo, no le digas "Se te ha caído algo" y ya está. Agáchate a cogerlo, dáselo, o como mínimo ofrece tu ayuda. Y desde luego no esperes que esa persona te dé las gracias si te quedas mirando cómo las pasa putas para recoger lo que sea.

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Yesterday I realized there's people who needs to learn this (because apparently they don't know it):

If you see someone with the hands full of things and something drops to the floor, don't tell them "You have dropped something" and look how they struggle to pick it up. Go, offer your help, pick it, give to them.

But maybe this is a cultural Spanish growing issue, so 1/2

Stolen from bird site screenshot w/o description:

"The #COVID lockdown has demonstrated 3 things:

* Our economy collapses as soon as it stops selling useless stuff to over-indebted people

* It is perfectly possible to reduce pollution

* The lowest paid people in the country are essential to its functioning"

Not sure this will work, but it doesn't hurt to ask: Does anyone here on the Fediverse have experience with the full procedure (from 0, without even a G1 license yet) of getting a driver's license and a modified vehicle as a disabled person in Ontario, Canada? I'm very confused right now as a newcomer reading all the rules and regulations and would appreciate someone who has done this before giving a bit of a TL;DR.

Je vais avoir des chats à refiler dans le 22 d'ici un mois et demi…

Boost very OK :boost_requested:

- The drop in temperatures (26'5ºC inside the apartment yet, but they aren't 28; and going down) has brought some will to do things.
- I fixed this window for my mother.
- No plant/animal was harmed during the redaction of this entrance.


Yay, our next single was played on BBC Introducing!

Should you wish to listening we're at 1h 35min

But maybe listen to the whole show as our friends Mas and Oversight also get a play :sn:

"Sounding like nothing else around out now really, which is why we played them"..

I'll take that as a compliment!


Last night this boy in his 20s grabbed a towel, his smartphone, some drink and a speaker and decided to sleep in the little garden zone between the buildings.
His is a decision I couldn't make, because if I wanted to I should call a friend to stay there with me or face the highest probability of being attacked.

I live in a world where men can sleep fresher for free in a heat wave while I look at them from the window .

Another pro tip to survive heat waves: turn off every machine, beginning with you.

Again the feeling that "I forget something special"

It shouldn't be so difficult to find videos of his competition programs to remember that we can't today celebrate Denis Ten's birthday. There are a few, but he skated a lot.

This exhibition one is amazing:

"No kidding" would be a great slogan for a contraceptive manufacturer.


It'd be so typical I don't want to believe it 🤭

I've chatting with this reappeared man I briefly knew some years ago. He's been like too very pleasant tbh, or that's what it seemed to me, but you know, social abilities vary, so I didn't focus on that.

Now, the other day he said cleaning the house relaxed him. I said it happens to me too. Then he said ironing also works for him. I said that's admirable bc I didn't like it at all... and he has cut off all the conversation 😂

- I've seen The Builder has added songs to this particular playlist.

- Some smiles today at work.

- Smartphone wasn't dying, just needed reset.


- The walk back from work, even without music. I changed my path for one day (no hurry today). Everything was pretty empty, as everybody was lunching or napping. And my town was so pretty.
(I walked for 2 hours 🤭, one and a quarter more than the time needed)
- Mr Ballen is a great storyteller, it's like going back to oral culture.
- This advice I've just received (or read, best said) in Mastodon!


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