NEXT CANTINA! Hosted by Anne Veinberg!
Coding is generally associated with computers but what’s to say a computer must be involved?
Grab a beer or tea, and come share your thoughts with us on Octuber 11th at 8PM CEST on :

Apply and join our live coding communities: Toplap Barcelona at ZKM-Karlsruhe and Ljubiana Art and Science Laboratory.

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Neokhipukamayoqs Manifesto putting forward Quipu as living technology, standing for the relation between technology and ecology as a matter of survival.
"in these times of climate emergency, it is imperative not only to question the materials used in our practice nor their energy consumption nor their carbon footprint, but their design, symbolism and historicity, so to go beyond the epistemic duality of control vs. liberty .. to start talking about cohesion, assistance, integration and harmony, and to design technology for these characteristics."

Machine learning is being explored within live coding. While most early live coding performances used simple sound generators and processors, such as sine waves, filters, etc., today it is increasingly common to hear performances using machine learning to perform specific tasks.
Grab a beer or tea, and come share your thoughts with us on May 14th at 8PM CEST on

Anne, Dare, Iván, Luka and Patrick
(the on-the-fly research group)

SuperCollider with tea! a.k.a SuperCollider meeting : )
By Shelly Knotts and Toplap Barcelona!

In case you have moment right now you can see wednesday's concert registering here more info

Coming up on May 10th, 8pm CEST, the 2nd on-the-fly cantina!
May's Monday meetup is titled: "How alive is a live-streamed Algorave?"
As corona-life well and truly passes the one year mark, let us take a moment to reflect on live-streamed Algoraves and other live-coded performances. Whilst these online events have become an integral part of cultural life, how much of the Algorave essence and vibe is still there?
The on-the-fly research group invites everybody interested in live coding to participate in a series of monthly casual video chats. Each session will be hosted by one or more members of the community and will be based around a different question. Rather than focusing on tools and specific programming languages, these meetups will provide a space to discuss aesthetics, meta levels and how we relate to live coding - both as artists and as audience.

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getting ready to live code inside a website next week with Celeste Betancur, as part of Oscillation Festival (

Really happy to share this "live" in the browser rather than via a video stream with terrible compression.

thanks to @munshkr for help with embedding flok <3

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Bon Sant Jordi, estimats mastodontxs!!
Avui és un dia (més) per anar a les llibreries dels nostres barris ;-)

We are glad to announce the resolution of our open call artistic residency in @hangar_org @cc_utrecht ZKM Karlsruhe &
Ljudmila Lab Ljubljana

for more information visit our website

We also want to thank all participants and wish all the best to the awarded artists!

We're happy to announce our open call to develop artistic productions involving live coding practices, hosted by Hangar, ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe, Creative Coding Utrecht, Ljudmila Art and Science Laboratory:

@hangar_org @cc_utrecht @sluijsfm

On Fri, December 11, Luka Frelih will be a guest at the online Festival | inSonic 2020 and will talk to us and you about ′′How do you want to do it? Experiences in live coding ".

The festival is accompanied by a telegram group 👉; you are welcome to join, ask questions and share thoughts!

The artist and programmer has been a core member of the Slovenian Lyudmila Art and Science Laboratory for more than 25 years.

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Coming soon!
Hydra meetup #3: code and language
Saturday, December 12th

+ with short talks from IllestPreacha (Kofi), Lupita Quispe, Canek Zapata, and Rodrigo Velasco (yecto)

+ more info:
+ sign up:


Superfm super-tutorial by Loopier (a.k.a Roger Pibernat)

An overview of the superfm synth for Tidal Cycles by its developer.

Tursday 5/11
7:00pm CET


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