Do people not care about noise pollution? UK set to have world's biggest automated drone superhighway

War is not the answer.

We need peace.

Peace for the world.

We need peace now.

Make Love Not War.


Our mission is Global peace,This only.

السلام العالمي

Dünya barışı
la pau mundial
мир у всьому світі
мир во всем мире
pace mondiale
paix mondiale
la paz mundial
Дэлхийн энх тайван
world peace
paz mundial

Every #heatwave occurring today is more intense due to climate change.
New Scientist
Heatwaves linked to climate change were found to have killed 157,000 people worldwide between 2000 and 2020, with four-fifths of those deaths during the 2003 European heatwave and 2010 Russia heatwave

With *finally* doing the right thing for once with the accouncement of his resignation, it does lead to one worry - what is the future for in Britain? The relatively greater push for improved under Johnson's premiership was perhaps the one positive of his time in office. Will a new PM put that in jeopardy? Let's hope not!

Minister tells me that if I want to get rid of the PM, I need a General Election - fine, bring it on. If Tory MPs are incapable of growing a spine & getting rid of him, let the country do it


The mechanisms for upholding standards in public life are only as good as the independence & integrity of the person charged with enforcing them - the PM

That’s why we need not just radical systems reform, but that the PM himself - a serial liar - has to go


RT @GreenpeaceUK: This critical amendment from @CarolineLucas would:

✅Properly tax oil and gas giants’ profits at 70%
✅Remove tax breaks for new oil and gas projects

To lower bills, we need investment in renewable energy and home insulation, not new oil & gas projects.


MapComplete is a web-based OpenStreetMap graphical inteface which lets you view themed maps and edit them with an OSM ID. You can follow at:

➡️ @MapComplete

The project's website is at

MapComplete runs on free open source software, the source is at

#OtD 2 Jul 1893 anarchists protested in London's Hyde Park against the coming royal wedding. Their posters advertised an "indignation meeting… against the waste of wealth upon these Royal Vermin, while the workers are dying of hunger and overwork"

RT @NaomiAKlein: Judicial coup. These people deserve no one's respect. No one's deference. No one's loyalty. Take them at their actions. They will burn it all down to serve the corporate interests that put them there.


Today's @theCCCuk report pulls no punches
❌ "major failures in delivery"
❌ "glacial" progress on farming emissions
❌ "shocking gap" on energy efficiency

Far from being world-beating, our PM's not even in the ring


This @theCCCuk report is an utterly damning indictment of Govt climate inaction – in a race against time, we're dawdling in the slow lane

Our PM is criminally negligent, a climate cheat – all talk and no action

You can’t con your way out of a #climateemergency


Good to see Lord Deben pan proposals for new Cumbrian coal mine. “Absolutely indefensible,” “80% of the coal produced will be exported; it’s not going to contribute anything to domestic needs - another example of Britain saying one thing & doing another.”


Anglian Water has paid £92 million in profits to shareholders - while Suffolk's beautiful rivers continue to see the dumping of raw sewage

@AdrianRamsay will make a great Suffolk @TheGreenParty MP & force Anglian Water to consign this practice to history


Today on #NetZeroDay, I'm calling for an urgent local authority led, street-by-street home insulation programme – a retrofit revolution to get energy bills down, get emissions down, & create hundreds of thousands of jobs in the process

A better world is possible – #justdoit!
RT @EnvironmentAPPG: 🔊🇬🇧Three years ago the UK enshrined net zero into law - it now more important than ever to act

🌎Today on #NetZeroDay @EnvironmentAPPG…


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