Kinda want to take a menthol candy for this cough, but also want to eat marshmallows. Hmmm...

The opening to ARIA is going to be stuck in my head for the rest of the week. :blobcatblep:

I had no idea there was a Rune Factory game on Steam. So much stuff just slips under the radar there now. =O

Finally getting around to watching the Aria series. It's super relaxing!

Was looking up Tales of Destiny 2 on eBay and people want $300-$500 for it. Yeah... I don't blame anyone for just grabbing the ISO instead.

Nothing but clouds where I am so no eclipse for me. Boooooo...

Don't think I'll ever get tired of hashbrown patties. Long live potato products!

Just noticed Otogi and its sequel are available digitally for . Kinda wish it was ported to as well. It's a fun game and interesting look back at early pre-Souls games by .

Star Ocean 2's soundtrack is one of my favorites among PS1 games. The melodies, the moods, the instrumentation. Motoi Sakuraba is an excellent composer. Highly recommend his stuff.

Been looking for more people to follow in search of even more interesting folks to have in my feed and am really seeing a big influx of new users since Musk decided to buy .

Welcome aboard! I hope you all enjoy your time here.


There've been a steady stream of pleasant surprises for games to show up on Steam over the last several months: Saga Frontier, El Shaddai, and now even a Brigandine game.

I hope this trend continues.

Logged into FFXIV for the first time in a while. All these new portrait options are pretty neat. Also, the support npcs are a nice addition.

What on Earth happened? Suddenly video cards are plentiful again in my neck of the woods. =O

Trying to find books that explain the and it's been hard so far. I want to learn how unions became so sectoral-based rather than enterprise-based over there.

It seems much more effective that way since it leverages the power of an entire industry (sometimes multiple) rather than the peace meal approach so common in the Anglo-sphere where most unions are enterprise-based and susceptible to divide and conquer tactics.

Sunny multiple days in a row? Have I fallen into an alternate dimension? =O

Finally getting around to reading The Once and Future King. The initial meeting with Merlin has been a surprise. I wasn't expecting him to be covered in bird droppings and so unkempt. Some of the silliness surrounding his magic made me chuckle.

10-15 years ago, it was a joy to explore web design inspiration sites. Lots of unique, interesting ideas. Now everything is nauseating, bloated corporate drek. Nowadays, the closest I can find that recaptures so of the fun of exploring site design is having a wander on NeoCities.


Poked my head into the WoW expansion stream and it's painful to watch. Blizzard's messaging is so corporate and unauthentic. Can't stand it.

A couple of places that I really enjoy reading on the regular:

CRPG Addict:

Kimimi the Game-Eating She-Monster: kimimithegameeatingshemonster.


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In an age where so many people cover via or , I really appreciate those who continue to do it in written form. Places where people develop a writing style and I'm not bombarded by the typical facets of those other 2 platforms (like being reminded to like / subscribe / sponsor nonsense, or discussion interrupted to thank someone for subscribing).

There are still some blogs out there that feel like a pure passion project, and I really appreciate that.


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