I need to looks at seriously dialing back my internet service. I should probably be paying half what I am now. I have a fancy high speed (for my area) plan when there are just two of us here, we usually watch video at 720 or less, and I seldom download a game over 10GB.

It would probably make far more sense to swap plans / providers in the near future.

I've used it to install VVVVVV and Re-Volt so far. The former worked fine, the other coughed up error messages saying I needed files from the CD in order to play. Will try slapping on some more stuff over the weekend.

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PiKISS is proving to be an interesting way of installing stuff on my Pi.

If I wasn't allergic to cats, I think I'd really like a Nebelung. I really like their look and personality (they're quite affectionate).

Maybe one day I should look into those immuno-therapy shots.

Started fiddling around with the Lynx browser and it's REALLY growing on me. I could see myself making it my daily driver for internet stuff.

In other news, it has been interesting to learn about Linux's terminal on my Pi. I know I have a slow, simple system right now, but it's giving me a chance to get used to some of the basics before building a more powerful desktop down the road.

An evening of reading while listening to music from Tenchi Muyo is okay by me. =)

My Raspberry Pi came in. Guess I'll see if I can get Box86 running on it. Also want to try to fire up Amfora on it for Gemini capsules. =)

One point it does drive home is that digitization can often lead to commodification, which in turn leads to people placing less value on the digital item.

"Those things are everywhere, not terribly unique, so who cares?" is the sort of attitude that can often emerge.

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Currently reading The Revenge of Analog and so far it's been quite interesting. It really shows how the digital world has made some re-embrace physical objects, at times completely pushing away the digital, and other times creating an interesting symbiotic relationship.

It's weird. The more that the internet evolves, the more I find myself shrinking away from it. There's a lot going on there that either feels like a huge waste of time, or is just fostering crappy attitudes in large numbers of people.

I don't think I'll ever get tired of the Serial Experiments Lain soundtrack. (Or the anime for that matter)


To add to my post the other day about their being no .wut domain, I also kinda wish there was a .bruh domain as well.

Here's an article from 2018 during the last video card drought where nVidia and AMD were claiming that they weren't favoring the miners buying in bulk:


It's fine that they want to make prudent business decisions going where the money is, but don't lie to us.

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Gee, I wonder if video card manufacturers are favoring selling bulk to crypto miners. Last time there was a serious drought of cards and prices skyrocketed was late 2017 / early 2018 when Bitcoin was at an all time high of $18k.

When the price collapsed and many lost interest in crypto, video cards became cheaper / easier to find. Now Bitcoin is at another all time high of $65k and video cards are hard to find / expensive again. This can't possibly be a pattern. =p

I gotta say, I'm a little disappointed there still isn't a .wut domain.

It's actually becoming humorous watching for video cards now. I don't even want anything crazy high end. I don't play any higher than 1080, and even then only sometimes. Even something on par with a 1650 would be fine. =p

This cold weather really does a number on my sinuses. =S

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