“Open your mouth only if what you are going to say is more beautiful than silence.” — Arabic

The ArTist - Erik JOHANSSON is a surreal photographer from , based in , but working all around the world. He tests the boundaries between what is real and fiction. - Titles: Land fall / Arms break... Go your own road/ A place like home / The cover up/ - erikjo.com/ -

I started writing the first thread about planetary habitability, but quickly realized you all need some background on how we *find* planets first!

So sorry to everyone who voted for habitability, but we’re doing HOW TO FIND AN EXOPLANET 🔭 today!

I promise this will make the habitability thread next week make even more sense (1/)

Verdammt. 🙄 Immer noch Mittwoch...
Artist: in - City : , , UK 🇬🇧 (01/2022) - Title : "Overload" -

Esteemed #Fediverse

just wanted to enrich this wonderful Sunday by the nice fact that the next #ActivityPub meeting is already on Tuesday.
So, stay strong on Monday :)

As always the meeting is open to everyone and any idea.
We will probably begin to write an Enhancement Proposal re. “context”:



@sl007 verdanke ich es, vor über einem Jahr kennenlernen zu dürfen ;-)
@AmiW war mit die erste, die mir gefolgt ist; Ihre Posts sind eine kuratorisch bemerkenswerte Sammlung von Beiträgen. 8-)
@fotomenschen teilt zwei Leidenschaften von mir; Ein alte () und eine neue ( / ) :-)
@andreasjung kenne ich schon länger (). Mit ihm können u.a. hervorragende E-CMS Lösungen auf Basis von entstehen ;-) (2/2)

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Ich werde auf ganz bestimmt nicht alle Sitten und Gebräuche von übernehmen, doch Empfehlungen zu Menschen, die mir hier folgen, mache ich gerne.
Bestimmt nicht immer nur Freitags und sicherlich nur in unregelmäßigen Aktualisierungen. Sollten nachfolgende Personen mit dieser Art von Empfehlung nicht einverstanden sein, bitte ich um eine kurze Rückmeldung - ohne Schelte ;-) Aktuell sind es: (1/2)


Let's just mention @EU_Commission here too, cause it is important, cause End-to-End-Encryption saves lives, for example in both Ukraine and Russia, you know.

But it is always the same …
Just not support the moderation of the crowd, just not fund facts-based, trust-based, prosocial federated things.
Do not speak with the civil society and do your DSA thing in darkness.
Just break all the things.

Ich will nicht, aber Starwars: ⭐ "Darth Fisher" sculpture - Artist: for Amsterdam Light Festival at De Torontobrug (brug 350) in , The Netherlands 🇳🇱 - (📷 by Janus van den Eijnden)

That day I came to the Main river in #Frankfurt to use the dramatic skies that day for a few time lapse videos and some #urbanphotography. What I got was a sudden downpour and a lot of weird looks as people were wondering why this weird dude didn't mind getting soaking wet with his camera in hand. This is one of my favourite shots of all time for the color alone. But what I love most is that mini-scene hidden by that conveniently placed drop at the left. #fotografie #photography
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