Your job never bothered you. You never thought about all the wasted potential you are giving up for a steady income and stability. You forgot about all you personal aspirations and hopes and dreams to provide for a family. This has drained in your soul but you learned to ignore it and soldier on. That is until you say it. It being the new Buffalo Chicken Sandwich at Popeyes.

You awoke this morning from THAT dream. Worrying about the dream and what it meant kept you distracted as you got ready this morning. And when you sat down to breakfast across from your partner and looked in their eyes they knew you had had the dream again. And you both knew what it meant for your relationship but neither would say it though the quiet tension spoke loudly enough. The DJI closed up nearly 2% today.

Oregon is now requiring a $2 permit to go to the Columbia River Gorge from now till September. They say it’s to limit traffic which is fucking bullshit. It’s to put a tax on all the locals and tourists who come to Portland partly to visit the Multnomah Falls in the gorge. They can fuck off and die with their lies.

You wouldn’t believe the terrible things the trees say behind your backs. I tried to stand up for you but they wouldn’t hear it. The wind seems to like you though.

Does anyone know how well NVENC work on Linux? I run 3 24/7 Twitch streams via OBS using the max 3 NVENC instances at once on Windows. I want to move the setup to Linux for a bunch of reasons but I’m worried how well my software needs will work on Linux.

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We had some great weather conditions for rainbows in Portland today. If you look closely you can just see a faint image of a double rainbow. This photo doesn’t do it justice. This was maybe the most beautiful rainbow I’ve ever seen in terms of how strong it was and the double rainbow was even more visible.

Really looking forward to this weekend. My boy Speedball Mike Bailey vs The Bad Boy Joey Janella. Should be great!

Man, I don’t get booking at all. Scorpion Sky wins the title from Sammy G. Loses it like 3 weeks later back to Sammy. Then 3 weeks later Sky beats Sammy to get it back. Just, makes no sense to me.

When is Moxley going to finally defend his worlds heavyweight title again. We got good new fighting tag team champs with Effy and Ally. Makes the world title inconspicuous in its absents lol

Right now I’m really into Austin Theory and Ricochet in and then there’s Hook and Danhausen in for I really like Josh Alexander and Mike Bailey and then in I’m digging Jordan Oliver, Blake Christian and Tony Depen.

We watched last night and it was good except when the audio or video feeds died. Really hurt the flow of the show. As did the lol finish of the scaffold match. Still, wasn’t bad. Gotta love that GCW

Here’s my I am trying to create a positive and friendly community of fans of professional wrestling where even though we might be thousands of miles apart we use modern technology to bridge that gap. Check out our streams at and our discord at If you like wrestling we welcome you :D

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