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Today it's been 10 years since the first #GNU #Guix commit! 🎂

Some of the 600+ people who made it possible wrote their story:

👉 guix.gnu.org/en/blog/2022/10-y

🎉 🥳 👏 #FreeSoftware #Guix10Years

Check this out, booting a (live) USB on the ! Needed 'nomodeset' to boot (true for other AMD GPUs I've tried) and not sure what will work on linux-libre yet, but it boots just fine! More soon...

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The #Guix Days program is on-line!

📺 You can already watch the talks:
guix.gnu.org/en/blog/2022/onli 👈

... and join on-line this week-end for Q&As and BoFs!

👍 @roptat and all the organizers + speakers.

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Check out the Predictions for Linux Gaming in 2022 from Chris Were, Nick from the Linux Experiment, HexDSL, James Ramey (Codeweavers) and many more! boilingsteam.com/bold-predicti #linux #linuxgaming #predictions #year2022

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Obsession with continues! Easily built a customized bootable system on a USB stick, from a short scheme file. Very cool, now to just get the config just the way I like it, so when I eventually install Guix it'll be just how I want it.

Yet another reason why I love : hit a bug late last night that was driving me crazy on recent changes. Stare at the source, file an issue this morning, fixed by the time I get back from a walk! With a helpful explanation and everything.

Just wrote a quick guide to the awesome SteamTinkerLaunch, an all in one tool for gaming on with . Check it out on Boiling Steam: boilingsteam.com/supercharge-s

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We have just published a big tutorial on how to get started with SteamTinkerLaunch (STL) to Supercharge your Steam experience on Linux: boilingsteam.com/supercharge-s #linux #linuxgaming #proton #stl

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Hello v0.11.0!

We're 3 years old today and to celebrate we shipped a new version. 🥳

- Autocomplete Support
- Creative Commons Licenses
- Network Timeline
- Admin config settings
- Profile pronouns
- New admin dashboard layout
- Fresh about page layout
- Instance Rules
- New Home Timeline

Now available! #pixelfed #pixeldev


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Boiling Steam is a gaming news site and podcast, focusing on PC games for Linux. You can follow them at:

➡️ @boilingsteam

Their website is at boilingsteam.com

The podcast is available on the site via direct download, RSS and PeerTube.

Learning about photo stacking and astrophotography editing (with tools like Siril, of course). Here is some work in progress with some photos from a trip to the Grand Canyon a few years ago pixelfed.social/p/nine-bladed/

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PixelDroid is a FOSS app for using PixelFed (the Fediverse's alternative to Instagram). You can follow PixelDroid at:

➡️ @PixelDroid

The official site is at pixeldroid.org

PixelDroid has just been released on F-Droid at f-droid.org/packages/org.pixel

You can find out more about PixelFed from its site at pixelfed.org

You can join a PixelFed instance at pixelfed.org/join

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Hi Everyone! Our Big Linux Gamer Survey for 2021 is Finally Out! You can start answering here: forms.gle/ML6tF9MS9usAp3Vv5 Appreciate if you could retoot/retweet this around you! #boilingsteam #survey #linuxgaming #linux

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