shader showdown finals for Assembly 2020 starting in a few mins exca vs monsieur soleil, commentary by me and okkie :)

will be casting with okkie the Assembly demoparty shader showdown event, semifinals start tonight at 19:30 CEST provod vs exca and monsieursoleil vs evvvvil

great shader royale stream tonight! thank you packet loss gods & the coders, djs, viewers and everyone at the chat! now done testing all compos for tomorrow's stream, will start around 14:45, see you then!! will also be awesome fun i promise :)

We'll have the official kickoff of Inércia 2020 tonight with a huge Shader Royale battle. 9 contestants coding at the mercy of your livevoting, DJ set by lug00ber. Please join us around 20:15 lisbon time zone. Afterparty in the hands of Ronny Pries!

packet loss gods were kind tonight! thank you! done streaming demoshow, done merging compos, done doing the mixed-in drone video, done re-scheduling things... what's left? oh yeah, COME WATCH INÉRCIA 2020 2-3 OCT IT'S GOING TO BE AWESOME!!

land provider still with packet loss issues, tonight's stream will be with 4g router. starts 20:20 lisbon timezone, demoshows of the best demos from inércia and deadline, because we're reaching the deadline for compo entry submissions!

using usb extension on 4g router to place it closer to the window, bam, upgrade from 4mbps to 15mbps, now we're talking playing with power!!! don't be mad at me packet loss gods, just trying to find a way! oh shit i'm late to pick up the kid from daycare.

behold packet loss gods, this offering of a 4g router that i still need to test if it's any better since i guess it depends on provider coverage and astral projection of lost continuum planes of yor and such. may your wrath be appeased and let me stream inércia goddamnit!

behold mighty packet loss gods, the sacrifices i hereby offer thee, this updated todo list with n prayer sessions in thy name and a plan b's which might still not be enough if thy exert thy mighty power. please spare inércia from your wrath! plskthxmmkay

last day to register for the shader royale that is happening on october 2nd! enjoy shader coding? want to test your livecoding skills? you should join us! 9 other folks from all over the world are anxiously awaiting for some more competitors!

Seminar September continues, tonight we have Sol_HSA talking ZX Spectrum programming with "My Speccy Journey - From 48k to the NEXT", starting 21:00 lisbon timezone tmrw we'll have FRaNKy with "Recording From Old Computers In 2020" please join us!

Don't you miss TRSAC this year? We do! So here is a demoshow showing a few of the great prods that were released at TRSAC through out the years

If you're participating on inércia (either submitting entries or just voting) please email us for a votekey now rather then later. Just to avoid the peak traffic in critical hours. ;) deadline for entries is october 1st.

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