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put the kid 3 times to bed; dealt with multiple enough records stuff; finished 5th character of slay the spire downfall; got couple more challenge points on n++; added some features to the tic-80 game. maybe it's time for bed.

What's up with different Demovibes 12 uploads? | Youtube audio quality tests! Lend me your ears and let me know if you can tell the difference

btw, if you're from the and still upset / unsure what to do to help with the whole ukrainian humanitarian crisis, a few sceners from ukraine poland and slovakia are organizing things to help refugees. you're most welcome to contribute and share

did a thing with @MSGS_Wavetable for @revision_party inviting people to come to @fx_field and @inerciaparty ! you can see it / download it here:

think i've finished the tic80 invitation for inercia demoparty to be released at revision this coming weekend. time to party! or clean up some of the other pending items on the todo list! :)

My latest album is out now at Enough Records, cat number enrmp500. Features poetry and spoken word, noisy electronics, field recordings, glitch ambient, celestial drone, plenty of plunderphonic sampling and a collab with António Boieiro. Lend me your ears:

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