Foul language, fox news 

When did the news become entertainment? I haven't watched TV news in a long time and watching it just now for two minutes was like watching a TV broadcast from an episode of the twilight zone. It is kind of scary. And this is a CNN stream. It looked like fox news or something equally worthless.

Bring back actual news, not this talking head bullshit. Fuck ratings. Fuck advertisers. Put on the real, unfiltered news. Fuck sensational news media.

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Tonight's film.

"I understand thorazine comes in vanilla now."

Entropy (n) - the degradation of the matter and energy in the universe to an ultimate state of inert uniformity

man mowing the lawn across the way from me
don’t you have a knife somewhere deep in your heart
where love left?

I just realized I am a big fan of the semicolon; that being said, I may not actually know how to use it.

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Malcolm in the middle 

One of the greatest scenes in the whole series is when the whole family teams up to beat up a bunch of clowns

A scratched and dented car pulled in, belching smoke. One wheel askew. Clearly the car had rammed sidelong into a low object like a curb. Steam crept from under the hood, a muted hiss betrayed it's source. Fenders mashed. Rear window spiderwebbed but still whole.

The door popped. At first it didn't move; a shove from within convinced it. A man nearly fell out. He looked up at me, beaming, nothing wrong. We shared a silence with the circling helicopters.

"How much for valet?"

Double single, whole grilled onion, extra toasted, extra pickle, very light mustard.

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I feel like the 40 hours per week work time is the absolute maximum that's possible to do yet it is treated as the standard. And lots of people work even more.

Now even our CARS will need mental health counseling! - Toyota to Launch All-New Aqua (Prius C) with new bipolar nickel-hydrogen battery

We don't want to be soundin' like no country bumpkins now, do we?

ICED coffee in the summer, you sick masochistic bastids

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Should I buy a pair of freeline skates and learn how to skate and be badass?

Sitting in a waiting room and watching the toxic-masculine construction worker fidget uncomfortably in his seat ಠ_ಠ in the presence of three trans girls. 😂

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Also, doing podcasts or youtube videos with talking should be illegal if you don't know what compression and normalization are

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Sir Winston Churchill: “Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm".

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The human brain is a supercomputer, a result of millions of years of evolution and adaptation.

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I love going to the Korean supermarket and buying noodles they have such crazy variety

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