"20 years ago, Steve Jobs introduced the iPod" first of all that's your opinion

I checked drafts on the alt, there’s just one. It’s about an almond croissant and it’s very, very dark.

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Tweets too dumb for the alt and too convoluted/niche to be worked into a usable tweet on main.

The embargo apparently lifts Monday morning which is great for anyone who hasn’t preordered. For everyone else, it feels like someone coming out of the Louvre and telling the people in line “the paintings are pretty sick, you should check em out”

You can probably skip whatever Mac related videos come out between now and the embargo lifting. Yes yes it’s an apology tour. Yes I know it’s HDMI 2 and not 2.1. YES IT LOOKS LIKE A POWERBO- BUDDY THE PLANET IS ON FIRE AND 30% OF THE WORLD IS WITHOUT CLEAN WATER

This was mostly an excuse for me to use P3 (PPP) colors. Great tool by @AlexGuichet@twitter.com p3colorpicker.cool

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I have blessed your sorry asses with a new blog post: A Proposal for More CSS Named Colors samhenri.gold/blog/more-css-co

CNN's website ticker has gotten comically reductive. Imagine if this is what you got when you asked someone what's happening.

I’m paying for access to stream basically any song ever recorded and my terrible brain is like “you should play Vroom Vroom by Charli XCX again”

me, knowing full well that my creative output is essentially pictures of rectangles drawn in a web app that uses a single core: "I should probably go for the 16 core M1"

RT @ikasliwal@twitter.com

M1 this M1 that i M 1 second away from losing my damn mind

🐦🔗: twitter.com/ikasliwal/status/1

I cannot stop thinking about how the black keyboard well looks like

✅ HDMI port
✅ SD card reader
⛔️ PC Card slot

No deal from me.

Anyone else accidentally order two 14 inch ones and the order got merged into a single 28 inch MacBook or just me

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