as a wise man once said, "EYEAH-UH". It was either Lil Jon or Hemingway, I forget.

there is no better feeling than finding a really strong channel of essays on culture.

"no he's gonna disrupt things at twitter ’cause he pisses off both the left and right!" so...he's just a douche?

the department of the interior has officially recognized these as an invasive species

“Beyond just transporting you faster, what do you notice being better about flying across the country instead of walking?”

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i’m really a fan of the where we’re headed with computing terminology. 1990s had some weak names. “you can nest files and folders within other folders” gross. today we have the much more rad BLOBS N BUCKETS

ohoho almost did npm install before remembering I'm tethering to my phone. nice try, me.

one could argue this joke is so dope, it is a magnum dopeus.

stop booing me

we will achieve class solidarity when young republicans realize they can no longer afford to own the libs, only rent them

filing this one under “no idea how you even managed to screw up to this degree but congrats, I guess”

yeah I'm using HTML 6. my uncle works for HTML so I get all the new versions first, it's whatever

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