Book Review: It's never too late for a classic. Precisely as prescribed, this picks up right where The Paleo Solution left off, expands on some ideas, incorporates new ones, and provides a blueprint for personalizing the process. There's a good whack of recipes and such i…

I'm pretty sure this speaks for itself, but in case it doesn't: you are living an artificial life, fed artificial food, in an artificial zoom, subsisting on "social" (curated) media and virtual "relationships."
Join the resistance. Live a radical life of health and rebell…

What an honor and privilege! Today I earned my brown belt and am still trying to take it all in. The journey has been soooo long and in a lot of ways the only way for you to grasp the scope and impact of the journey is to have been there along the way with me. Two and a h…

What's your training soundtrack / playlist? I'm all about the leather pants, mullets, flannel, etc... and a little (lot) more crunk on comp day.

Hydration isn't just water. Remember the old Gatorade slogan that "nothing puts back in what sweat takes out?" It turns out sports drinks made by soda companies don't do a great job. Remember, they're geared toward profits which requires a minimal effective dose, NOT maxim…

Part 2 with @thecarnivorehippie featuring discussions about eating healthy "being expensive", voting with your dollars, and eating raw meat / organs. Of course, we continue emphasizing feeling connected to and being part of nature rather than being relegated to our concrete…

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STOP doing cardio to lose weight
START lifting weights

STOP counting calories to lose weight
START eating nutritious foods

STOP buying supplements to lose weight
START prioritizing protein

An animal-based diet isn't restrictive; in fact, it's the opposite. It's freedom. It's the freedom to have an ass-kicking body, radical health, and regenerate the planet. You are free to live and perform optimally rather than be restricted by the food and pharmaceutical i…

Fascinating... |
Financial distress and suicidal behaviour during (chocolate cake): Family identification attenuates the negative relationship between (chocolate cake)-related financial distress and mental Ill-health

Diabetic? You still can't outwork a shitty diet | |
Low-carbohydrate diets lead to greater weight loss and better glucose homeostasis than exercise: a randomized clinical trial

Seems the "experts" were wrong again: |
A Critical Review of the Consensus Statement from the European Atherosclerosis Society Consensus Panel 2017 |

"There seems to be an enormous impact of lifestyle, metabolic disorders, and immune status on coronavirus disease 2019..." | |

"We see people and things not as they are, but as we are." ~ Anthony DeMello |

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@gr33nbot @Ardeamus Many events leading to the extinction of homo sapiens:
1. Stay away from the sun (low vit D)
2. Eat many small carb heavy meals in 18hr window
3. Use seed vegetable oils
If aliens wanted to invade this planet without firing a shot, they would use the methods above.

Increased Oxidative Stress in the Prefrontal Cortex as a Shared Feature of Depressive- and PTSD-Like Syndromes: Effects of a Standardized Herbal Antioxidant |

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