Trauma, by its very nature, doesn't make sense. That is what makes it traumatic. Our minds aren't able to rationalize what we've experienced or integrate it into our world view -- our understanding of ourselves, other people, and the world they operate in are irreconcilabl…

Cardio fitness improves psychological factors in boys, muscular strength improves psychological factors in immigrants, and improved physical fitness worsens psychological outcomes in high socio-eco women | |

Health Freedom Advocates to Rally Against Indiana University Vaccine Mandate | so much for being about what goes in or out of our bodies...

Consumption of soybean or olive oil at recommended concentrations increased the intestinal microbiota... | alpha diversity only, and only in "recommended" concentrations. Again, hanging more weight on the "LDL is bad" hypothesis.

Is Hub of Sex Recruitment in U.S., Report Says | A year ago I was flagged for suggesting this and reminded by that "big tech != the internet." Meanwhile FB wanted to start a "for kids" program. |

Considering a diet for children? They'll be shorter, have smaller, weaker bones, higher blood sugar, lower HDL, deficient in Vitamin D, and deficient in Vitamin B12 | |

CDC Admits Teens Vaccinated With Pfizer or Moderna at Higher Risk of Heart Inflammation

Cleveland Clinic: Already Had COVID? Vaccine Provides No Added Benefit

27 Experts Launch Citizen Petition Demanding FDA ‘Slow Down and Get the Science Right’ Before Approving COVID Vaccines

CDC to Convene Emergency Meeting on 226 Reports of Heart Inflammation After COVID Vaccine in People Under 30

The effects of a single session of mindful exercise on anxiety: A systematic review and meta-analysis | A single session of Yoga has shown a significant effect on reducing anxiety.

Starting with libxcrypt 4.4.21, weak password hashes (such as MD5 and SHA1) are no longer accepted for new passwords. # linux

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