Last piece of art from 2019: Sonata, a character who's changed a lot from initial conception.

From 2019: a starry night sky! The painting went from green to yellow where the mountain is, but I didn't like it and covered it up.

From 2019: a painting that took extremely long for me to figure out how I wanted to paint it.

Another painting from 2019. This one's a little bluer in real life than it turned out in the scan.

Oh man, I go away for 11+ hours and get like 40 notifs, that's something I'm totally not used to lol

From 2018. I inked a forest scene and painted it with a few different color schemes. These two are the more interesting.

Also from 2018: this drawing! I think it was the first thing I posted on Pillowfort.

From 2018. I believe this is the only time I've ever used the watercolor brushes in Clip Studio Paint.

A piece of art from 2017: This very pink weeping willow. I should get back into this kind of art.

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