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For a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see rats scrambling aboard a sinking ship, tune in to UK politics today

This is a portrait of a woman running. She had run 7 km, and had another 13 km to go. Amazing, no?

Portraits of runners in the 20km 2022. What interests me about these faces is their unpreparedness, their innocent self-absorption. In most cases, the runners’ attention seems turned inward to the sensations of pleasure or pain provoked by their exertions. Abstracted, tortured or ecstatic, their faces are intensely individual, but at the same time express a common human condition. What are we running from? What are we running towards?

M Leuven is a fabulous , highly recommended if you ever find yourself in . We were very impressed with the curation, which creates fascinating juxtapositions of heritage items drawn from the permanent collection and modernist works. And it's interesting architecturally, too.

Tout le monde semble avoir un avis sur la reco faciale : monstruosité orwellienne, panacée sécuritaire, nerf de la guerre technologique...

Prenons un moment pour soulever les fantasmes et regarder ce qui se cache dessous.

Every week or 2 I get mailed to collaborate on a blockchain, DAO or NFT project, or an exhibition related to them. Made it clear on Twitter, but thought I'd say it here:

Having studied PoW & PoS blockchains in some depth, looked into DAOs, so-called Web3 & it's purported emancipatory potential, I find instead computational waste, Ponzi grift, artificial scarcity, capture at protocol & application layers, centralised governance, & amplified wealth maldistribution

As such I want no part of it

Sunday saw the 2022 edition of the 20km race. As in previous years, I went to make portraits of the as they streamed past me in the Bois de la Cambre. As subjects, they're perfect: active, absorbed, and unaware of the camera. Here's a first example. More to follow...

Good overview of the Belgian gov's data retention proposal, forcing platforms to provide metadata to authorities. This is important as it would result in a ban of those that don't - or can't - like Signal. As this proposal could spread to other EU member states, it needs to be fought at every turn, before it is too late

#Grèce #Greece #RepressionPoliciere #AGEtudiantes #Thessalonique #NoPigsInSchools

Image forte d'une AG étudiante, à Thessalonique hier.

Des é ont manifesté contre la réforme qui veut mettre la police dans les universités. Ben voyons...

Une répression féroce a suivi cette manif, à coups de matraque et de gaz, et des blessé.es sérieux sont à déplorer.

Résultat, le mouvement s'étend, et d'autres manifestations, massives se déroulent en ce moment à Athènes.

Voici ce que prévoit l'Etat (grec ou autre c'est la même).
Empêcher la jeunesse de penser, parler, agir.

It's the weekend. The entire weekend is dedicated to the memory of Toots (sic) Thielemans, the great Belgian harmonica player. Philip Catherine opened his set in the Grand Place yesterday evening with a fabulous Autumn Leaves. We drank beer and applauded.

But but but... We're British, we're exceptional and entitled 😂

Illegal British immigrants arrested in Canary Islands over fake document so they can stay in Spain post-Brexit.

Today, the lack of affordable housing in is again acute. Community Land Trust Brussels is developing solutions that put quality housing stock under the control of its occupants, keeping it affordable by taking it out of the reach of speculators. Let's hope that public authorities recognise the fantastic value this long-term approach offers, and stop selling off public land to the highest bidder. 2/2

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Who'd have guessed? A century ago, right after WW1, addressed its massive housing crisis with a solution, as recalled by a fascinating exhibition currently showing at CIVA.
Hundreds of thousands of homes were built by state-subsidised cooperatives. Members bought shares in the cooperatives that owned estates like the Logis-Floréal in Watermael-Boitsfort, and then paid affordable rents to live in housing that they part-owned. 1/2

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