Playing with OVMS (Open Vehicle Monitoring System) in the new EV... A very nice open design that let's me remotely monitor state-of-charge and analyse energy usage when driving.

Playing with the new vinyl cutter trying to make a 2 colour decal for my pinephone pro :)

My new PinePhone Pro arrived today; and now Mobian is booting :)

After over a month waiting for parts, I have finally finished assembling my repbox. Complete with humidity control and auto-rewinders... I think it looks great :)

I don't know why I did this... but it seemed something in need of improvement :) ...and, yes, that's a 1960s original board in there

R.I.P. 3D Printer... apparently a shelf full of junk falling on it whilst it was printing, was not good for it.

I made my own high current PSU for powering sevos. 5v 18A in a 3D printed case :)

Spend most of the weekend working in OpenSCAD... Getting there though :)

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#InfiniTime 1.5 "Huckleberry" for the @PINE64 #PineTime is out : Alarm app, persistent clock and improved BLE advertising!

"I don't care about cookies" is my new favourite Firefox plug-in... Bye-bye annoying cookie pop-ups - total genius :)

I realise I'm a bit of a keyboard-tart, but how nice is the Das Keyboard 4 :)

Didn't explode... And the screen works again... I'm going to declare it a successful repair :) New battery and screen connector ready for another decade.

My Pebble Steel needs some TLC... Battery is old and the screen corrupts often. Best smartwatch I've ever owned though :)

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#InfiniTime 1.4.0 "Pink Grapefruit" is out : improved touch driver, color picker for the PineTimeStyle watchface, improved UI, battery level measurement and call notifications and much more!
Enjoy InfiniTime "Pink Grapefruit" on your @PINE64 #PineTime !

Doesn't seem to bothered by me as long as there's food :)

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