Just released a new version of SmallyMouse2 - The gold standard in USB mouse interfaces for retro computers :) github.com/simoninns/SmallyMou

Finished moving the Domesday86 YouTube channel over to LBRY: odysee.com/@Domesday86:7 Next task... the waitingforfriday.com website video content too...

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It's a magical world when you can dream it, draw it, print it and then in a few hours have it in your hand :)

The BBC Domesday discs are available online (with frame-sets provided by the ld-decode project); look up photos, maps and articles from the 1980s :) domesday.computinghistory.org.

This is what the stacking actually looks like on a Domesday LaserDisc frame, stacked discs on the left, single disc on the right:

FIrst analysis of a stacked LaserDisc... top lines are after 10-disc stacking, lower lines are original. VITS (re)analysis is still being developed, so might be wrong - promising though :)


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