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Here I'll post mostly my artwork, mostly of things listed in my profile. I mostly post photos and mundane snaps--but also my art--on my PixelFed account:


So feel free to follow, if you like my content or interests.


If one or more interests rubs you the wrong way, ignore or do not follow this account.

Due to the nature of the real world, artwork will be both vanilla and non-vanilla, SFW and NSFW. That said, mostly mild, if at all.

*No minors* 🔞.

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Marty challenged me to step up my confidence and to treat each class as a performance, and this choreo was a great way to rise to that challenge. "Ass Like That", choreographed by Marty Sedgfield (, at The Space in Melbourne. #dance #commercialdance #thespacemelbourne

I like red, yellow, blue, some green hues, white colours in particular.

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US attitudes in late 2015 towards US Immigration accepting Syrian refugees fleeing the Syrian civil war.

And they emote, mouth & eyes...Do Disney theme park characters change facial expressions (mouth or eyes)?

I'm actually kinda interested in the potential for this film. Digging the character designs too. we'll see.

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& pixelfed users can follow masto users too eventhough they r separate social networks.

masto n pixelfed are noncommercial soc networks so they have no incentive to be walled garden.

tap on search, & enter a persons username beginning with @
For eg, type @spaceotter followed by

bc i have a masto & pixelfed acct i also included a 2nd @ followed by the home server but if you omit the home server you should still get a list of all accts beginning in @spaceotter

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@Lumeapho if you want to mark the text as sensitive tap the CW below the message box.

tap the paperclip to upload images/videos. you can attach up to 4.

the button next to the paperclip is to create a poll.

there are a lot of options & some gems tucked away under settings/preference.

there are multiple mastodon servers. you only need an acct in 1. masto users can follow other masto users no matter which server they signed up. home server.

masto users can also follow pixelfed users

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@Lumeapho welcome sweetie!

Here's a list of apps if youre interested:

I use the website mostly to post/read.

There are 4 types of messages here. On the web interface, tap the globe right below where messages are typed.

Public messages are messages everyone can read.

Direct messages are messages only people whose names are included can read.

If u upload an imgvor vid u can mark it as sensitive. there will be a checkbox. the img will appear hidden behind a blur.

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Etymological weirdness:

First, “grocer” was “one who sold things by the gross (in large quantities)”—basically a wholesaler. Then the things they sold became known as “grocery”

Since much of what was sold was foods and spices, “grocery” drifted to mainly mean “foods”. And the people who sold foods, even though it was mostly in quantities for personal use, were the purveyors of grocery, so… “grocers”

This reinforced itself in US English, so that the stuff you buy at a grocer was called “groceries”. And then the place you buy them—a store of groceries—becomes a “grocery store” (regional; some places use “market”)

What a lovely little tornado!

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