Have a date with Batman 2morrow. Commissioner Gordon, u BETTER not shine that batlight OR Else😒

Won game of Trash Can Hoops in break room at lunch. Used grapes for basketball. 🏀

Me in staff meeting, not paying attention, when asked to share my views:
"Uhhh, well.....ummmm. yeah, well, what he said."

It's Friday peeps!! How bout a game of office charades😁 who's playing??

Hey guys, I reached 100 followers. Thanks!!😁

I need a wand like Stargirl has. Follow me around & get me outta trouble. 《sigh》

When I get home 2day I'm gonna go run some laps at the track. Ready 2 run

I need a new game plan
How 2 Get Rich In A Hurry.
I want a Porsche
And a home in Europe
And a home in Nova Scotia
And a kingdom by the sea
U know, the little things .

News Flash people....2morrow is freakin monday, 《sigh》

Actually, Michael Keaton makes a pretty hot Batman

Christian Bale is my favorite Batman but Michael Keating did a fantastic job.

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