Skills for utilizing social media

Also a reminder that any of these corporate platforms are inherently vulnerable. Its important to be building up autonomous digital infrastructure and of course non-digital forms of…

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Reminder: no politicians are going to save us, no matter what they say. Whether they are the President or the hipster local city council member, they are all part of a power structure that needs to go.


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Tips on staying sane & calm while being arrested & sitting in a jail cell alone

Drop the charges against everyone arrested in relation to the George Floyd rebellion.

Happy to finally have a PDF of this poster and two others on our site:

Love to all who resist!


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Help spread the word about the new anarchist video sharing platform Kolektiva

In light of recent actions by social media companies against anarchists it's even more important that we build up…

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Kolektiva – A New Online Platform for Anarchist and Anti-Colonial Videos

RIP David Graeber

"if anarchist publishing has any common theme, it is to dream of a society in which organized violence and the threat of systematic violence would not exist, where there would never be a situation in which groups of men with sticks and guns and bombs would be able to threaten others. ... Nothing could conceivably be more violent than to tell us —and particularly our young people— we are forbidden to even dream of a peaceful, caring, world.”

-David Graeber

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