Looking for some new reading material? We're once again posting monthly round-ups of new anarchist zines.

To start, here's a selection of zines that were published in…

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in case anyone needs it saw this posted by @BlackPowdrPress@twitter.com looks like a great resource stay safe everyone sproutdistro.com/catalog/zines

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The St Paul Principles are one potential way to avoid the good/bad protestor dynamic and ensure that there is space for a diversity of tactics: 1. our solidarity will be based on respect for a diversity of tactics and…

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Our hearts are with those taking to the streets tonight in ! There can never be justice within this settler colonial state. Total abolition in the only way to liberation!

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@NoBonzo@twitter.com @1312press@twitter.com @printerblocpdx@twitter.com @tenberryten@twitter.com @peoples_histpdx@twitter.com @arixanxim@twitter.com Also In Defense of Smashing Cameras: sproutdistro.com/catalog/zines

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@dykefilth@twitter.com most filler / pittsburgh zines in our inventory are also available on the site

but we also distro zines from all over the place, including some that aren't available online for ~reasons~

def check out warzone distro & @sproutdistro@twitter.com for other good shit


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