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How to became a bit oddly? Plant own plant on space. Don’t ask what for. Act like nothing has happened. ;-)

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> Posts generated by a Markov chain trained on the King James Bible, Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs, and some of Eric S. Raymond's writings

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Blog Rogatego ( @rogatywieszcz ) na gemini to jest jakaś inna czasoprzestrzeń. Czytam raczej wszystko i kiedy już myślę, że nic mnie nie zaskoczy, otwiera się przede mną przestrzeń fraktalna 😁 Jak ktoś nie widział to polecam. "Dobre fazki".

Żeby nie było, że się nabijam. Rogaty ma rozkminy na takie tematy, na które normalnie nie zwracam uwagi. Przy tym są dość irytujące, ponieważ niektóre wpisy są tak sobie rzucone w eter, przeczytaj i nie dyskutuj. W innych nawinie jakiś temat, ale w taki sposób, że musisz sobie coś dopowiedzieć, żeby się jakoś do tego odnieść, przez co jak jemu się zbiera na dyskusje to mi się nie chce 😄 Mamy taką jedną, chyba z przed roku i w dalszym ciągu nie czuję się na siłach, żeby otworzyć te maile.

Status związku: To skomplikowane 🙃


Tędy z normalnej przeglądarki:

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it's done! this is the last KONPEITO mix, I held off releasing it because I am a creature of ritual but now I've been able to gift this tape to solderpunk to say thank you to him for Gemini and what it's inspired me to create.

digital version should be up on tomorrow as a thank you to you all, you who've listened to and shared the tapes, you who've created your own works around our underground Internet and you who've encouraged me and inspired others to create.

be well.

#KONPEITO #Gemini #lofi #mixtape

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Are you using #gemini to read blogs and such?

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# 2022-04-22T21-03-37.1533808 UTC (+0000)

#Bitreich is proudly publishing The #Gopher Times opus 4!

News published on Gopher, sometimes about gopher itself, as PDF and plain
text, with typesetting by troff.

With more authors every time, often publishing anonymously as "tgtimes",
a tiny newspaper for a tiny audience builds up, one page at a time.

Not that tiny anymore! A new dual-column layout have ben settled and
powers the new edition, permitting to fit longer URLs on footnotes.

That means you can be a columnist for tgtimes!

Out of time? Worry not! Drop the story and let our team of redactors
figure out the wording.

So get ready for The Gopher Times Opus 4!


Interesting part of . You can exercise your thoughts on how much is better or worse than , :

A website is a text-based, RSS focused blogging "system"

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Hey folks! Added a few new #Playdate game reviews to my #gemini page. If there's any games out right now you'd like to hear more about, let me know! I have...most of what's out there right now to sideload, and am up to Week 2 in the season (Week 2 review coming hopefully tomorrow)


@deerbard Do anteny musisz dodać feed, a nie post. Widać twoje dodania w logu, że ich nie przyjmuje.
Feed może być XML, albo GemSub czyli zwykły plik GMI z indeksem. Opis jest tutaj: gemini://

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Okay, I'm curious, when did you guys first hear about/join Linux? Please boost for a wider data pool. :boost_love:

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#gemini #programming #C
I'm creating a new Gemini browser in C with Ncurses, named (very creatively) Gemcurses.

It's actually my first project in C, so my code is messy and I'm sure it has a ton of bugs, but it somewhat works!

It requires only Ncurses and OpenSSL libraries.

Feel free to check it out, and tell me what you think and what i need to fix/change/add :)

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Unix is *designed* around automating workflows. You use all these tiny precision tools to build scripts that do the actual job you need automated, and then you set up the job to run itself on a schedule, and now you don't have to deal with it anymore.

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Another 2021 #PixelArt piece, this one may not look as impressive as the last... however, it's working off of #C64 high-resolution (standard bitmap mode) graphics restrictions which is pretty challenging.

I highly recommend playing with these restrictions, it's a very fun challenge!

Today I looked at all the at I've always wondered if there are any active users on this numerous list. They are not there. :-(

I patched my script for publishing. The publication of the latest entry via is in operation. To work with .online, save a `.plan` file. To check what's going on with me, just run the command `finger`. You can also check the weather `finger` immediately.
Finger also works in a number of browsers, for eg. . The syntax for the address is `finger://`.
Long live Finger, another 50 years!

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I received several reports of people not being able to move their accounts due to the Aliases page crash bug on v3.5.1.

To avoid waiting longer for the next release I decided to patch this version with the introduced fix

Hopefully this will help.

I will be starting to apply the patch now and this will cause about ~15 seconds of downtime.

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Stop saying “Mastodon”, and use “Fediverse”:

I tell plain and clear. What happened to Twitter can happen to the fediverse too.

if you concentrate on big instances

Big instances are expensive for the owner, (CPU, bandwidth, power, etc), so they put pressure on the owners to sell them. Plus, since they contain data, they are attractive for the millionaires.

To concentrate on a few big instances creates the real danger a billionaire can buy the whole fediverse just buying the first, say, 20 instances by dimension.

please use smaller instances, or create your ones, using services like

if you concentate on a single software.

if everything runs on a single software, say Mastodon, the billionaires may want to buy who produces this software, thus controlling the development of the whole fediverse.

So if you concentrate on a single software, you are creating an offer, and the demand of control is there.

Please use different software, like Pleroma, Misskey, Friendica: all they are capable to federate, and make it harder for a single billionaire to control the whole, just controlling the incumbent platform.

#fediverse #musk #twitter #control

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rant people comparing web and gemini 

People comparing the web and #gemini… Just stop.
If you want the web, stay on the web (and maybe use add-on to make it less crap). Gemini is NOT a replacement for the web. If you can't live without inline images, bold, flashy effect…
Well don't complain about gemini lacking them, it's on purpose!
Do you compare comic books or manga with "classic" books?
It should be the same for the web vs gemini.
And yes, the web is a comic book and gemini is a real book.

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