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How to became a bit oddly? Plant own plant on space. Don’t ask what for. Act like nothing has happened. ;-)

Archeology: [2/2]
Papa's manifesto is also mentioned in post on dbucklin's site: gopher://
Antisocial Media (2018).
But, despite above posts are from 2018 mentioned Papa's manifesto isn't available. I searched Veronica without success.
seems to be very volatile.

Available is only the last mentioned manifesto: gopher://republic.circumlunar.
Small Internet Manifesto.

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Archeology: [1/2]
I've been reading content at Solderpunk's site. I spotted post: gopher://
Papa's Antisocial Media Manifesto (2018)
and after a year some continuation in post:gopher://zaibatsu.circumlunar.
Manifestos "R" Us (2019).

Interesting post from 2019-04-19 on:

"[...] Rather, from a perspective of "Why is everyone wasting their time on this?". I can't think of any good reasons for gopher to *need* TLS connections. Let's be real here [...]"

It could be some echo of the protocol conception, and the official birth witch came two months later. ;-)

It's obvious but I found it only now - best tool for browsing is . I've add some bookmarks for gopher:// - press "a+l" for adding, and "v" for viewing bookmarks.

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Interesting article about .

“Before the Web There Was Gopher” by Philip L. Frane
(from “IEEE Annals of the History of Computing” January-March 2004)


Getting know - part III. Do you know any active gopher zine / ezine? Or maybe some not active, but worth to mention. Or maybe some catalogue, list?
seems to don’t know the answer for that question. ;-) Suggested catalogues are to extensive for quick checking.

Hmm… no any response. Do you know any gopher apps (I mean something like a web app) in ?

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Nice my plant is only 15 days younger than the founder of the protocols'

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Polska Press, przekaże dane o Tobie do 830 podmiotów, jeżeli wyrazisz na to zgodę. „Szanujemy Twoją prywatność”


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Oh, The Transjovian Council got mentioned in Smolzine 4!
gemini:// can be reached both via Gemini and the Web. If you want to run a wiki on both Gemini and the Web, there are separate wiki spaces available.
Do note that updating a wiki space via Gemini doesn't work. You either need a dedicated Titan-enabled client, or use the web.
Thanks, @kelbot

If there are any gopher apps (like web apps) on ? If there are, what are the best of them?

I’m still thinking about Gopher vs. . Mandatory TLS on Gemini allows easy paswordless logins, and seems to be great base for creating gemini apps. Is gopher apps is biggest limitation of that protocol in comparison to Gemini?

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Just curious: does anyone know if you can access Gemini capsules from behind the Great Firewall of China?

This is a source of all music in Deluxe:'

This is first composition which I loved (during TTD plays) ' by .

@adele Is it „by design” that there are no central feed (like Flounder) or list of capsules hosted on gemini:// Or I don’t see something?

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Looked at the file listing of ~/Wiki/wiki/memex and wow, didn't expect it to grow this much. This is definitely my favorite way to organize things so far. I wonder if I could mix it with a paper based workflow. Maybe export it as a book? How would one transfer back changes from paper into a digital format? If there are only a few changes, manual transcription could work. Hm.

Do any #Gemini folks write in a way that crosses the digital-analog boundary?

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gemini tynylog gtl 

v0.4.2 introduced regressionS so I had to release v0.4.3 :)
This is why I should write tests…

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smolzine #4 is out :)

#gemini #smolzine

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@szczezuja this is not the best way to go about searching, but here's a relatively recent list of known servers that are online -


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