Hey users, how you were using the Internet in the 1991-1995? I had been asking this question before, but this time I am with it specially on !


@szczezuja i was basically just on BBSes and Prodigy at the time. Email through FidoNet in 1995 I was a beta user of (Skimmer) what would become Prodigy Internet, finally getting truly online. I also got USENET access around then.

@szczezuja I had a University server account from '89 on. Initially a shared 56K line for everyone, but later it got faster. Mix of ftp discovery (through http sources usually) and gopher itself. Mostly the http route tbh. Gopher indexing was developing at the time but didn't really make the cut before it got devolved. It was promising, but FTP / HTTP at the time got you more "interesting stuff" most of the time.

@Lux Do you remember what sort of resources were available on Gopher for you? It was mainly some academic stuff, or something else? Was a long time back. Accessed through uni network when I was working there, so was mostly tech related info I was looking for. Did have lunch breaks though, so did explore a bit for "what else is on here?". Memory isn't great on how well it went, feels like it was more of a novelty / last option at the time

@szczezuja My first tech support job was with IBM. They had an amazing, surfable LAN. Internal FTP and Gopher sites, accessible modem banks for BBSing. It's a wonder I got any work done.

@Everbern Do I understand this correct. You said that IBM had internal Gopher sites? I’m interested in sort of Gopher resources. If it was mainly academic stuff, or something more.

@szczezuja I'm not sure they were "official". I remember there being all sorts of stuff: from tech info to ascii art to fiction. A subset of what you'd find on now. I recall reading many Lovecraft stories someone had taken the time to type into text files.

@szczezuja Dial up BBSes. The odd BBS network (LilNet, VampNET). No real net.access until maybe '94 when I stumbled into a certain SunOS network.

@szczezuja I never used gopher or bbs or anything alike back then. I'm a http kid that grew up with mirc and napster.

I'm discovered the beauty of old-style internet a few years ago and I'm enjoying gopher as alternative user driven network next to a corporate driven web.

@szczezuja In 91-93 a friend in govt gave me the credentials to his internet account. They charge by the *byte* back then where I live!
I used my Amiga to log into various universities around the world ftp-ing stuff I found with gopher back to UBC. Finally, I'd pull everything down from there to my local computer in Terrace.
Not long after that, I got into linux.

I was using CompuServe and Usenet in the early 90s, and then I started using IRC with mIRC in the early 2000s. I did use gopher once or twice in the early 90s as well.

@fuuma Can you say something more about how you were using Gopher? Was it some academic resources, or something else?

Sure, I think it was using Netscape Navigator... and it wasn't anything academic, just wanted to browse around and see what it offered at the time.

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