It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong.
-- Voltaire

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We have had some comments on us being Chromium based. Some thoughts maintaining a Chromium variant by one of our devs, Yngve

The announcement of Figma's acquisition by Adobe caught us by surprise celebrating our strategic offsite.

Oh dear, more work😏

The Moon is Waning Crescent (4% of Full) 🌘

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life is full of horrors but sometimes you see a baby hummingbird sipping from a raspberry


I get that people want to make money doing what they enjoy, but the Web has really started to turn into some sort of place where it feels like everyone is out to make a buck and creativity gets stymied because people will make decisions based on potential profitability instead of following their hearts and making something more unique that they are truly happy with.

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I'm so done with I was using it for sharing photos like a normal person, not to doom scroll reel videos from people that I don't even follow. I know that this company wants a slice from TikTok's success, but it's just a cheap copy of it from Wish.

I think dismal Covid shit should probably be under a CW now given how much collective trauma it has caused. 

A story in two images...

These headlines coalesced into one... Bootlickers that claim to be scientists, but have trouble with basic counting skills want you to feel a false sense of security going into was is projected to be another covid surge this fall. Liberal news outlet runs with it because they don't care if you die.

Can you assholes put your masks back on please. Actually scratch the please, do it now. :bloboro: :knife_agender:

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