"We must listen to Indigenous wisdom and not interpret (colonize) it with the whitegaze. We tackle the hyper-popularized Malsow's Hierarchy of Needs and why we need to unlearn the individualism it promotes. Suggested full reading is "The Emergence of the Breath of Life Theory" by Dr. Cindy Blackstock.
#decolonizeyourmind #maslowshierarchyofneeds"


Do not quarrel or deal in personalities. Listen to opposing arguments after you have presented your own. Learn how to remain silent and reflect. Do not try to get the better in an argument at the expense of your own sincerity.
-- Elisee Reclus

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Merely "speaking truth to power" and trying to call attention to Trump's misdeeds while he primes the Proud Boys and other fascists to help him hold power by force is just as naïve as Biden trying to debate him.

Organize with others. Lay plans. Prepare.


Called on to denounce white supremacists, Trump addressed the Proud Boys: "Stand back—and stand by."

Joe Biden and Chris Wallace are still trying to debate policy as Trump shouts over both of them. It's hard not to feel that this foreshadows open street warfare.


how do i tell people how much better i feel not using the big social media sites?

Once again, tomorrow's fascist rally in Portland offers a pretext for the state to intensify totalitarian control to "protect" us. Cops and fascists are two sides of the same coin.

Meanwhile—Trump wants to designate defending ourselves from fascism as "terrorism."


Do we call this the land of the free? What is it to be free from King George and continue the slaves of King Prejudice?
-- Henry David Thoreau

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After the sidewalks in my neighborhood got besmirched with anti-mask sentiments, I put up a home-printed poster of Paul Sizer's great #WearTheMask illustration in a street-facing house window.

link goes to where you can get your own free download


L.A. River's Invasive Weeds Are Turned Into Musical Instruments

"In the hands of artists and L.A. River advocates the role of invasive river weed, arundo donax, is questioned."

#InvasivePlants #weeds #river #arundo


After sharing yet another article recommending that people use Signal, several people have pointed us towards Briar as a potentially better alternative. Finally got around to checking it out, and it looks pretty impressive. It has built-in redundancies in case Internet access is blocked, has decentralized data storage, and uses Tor to encrypt metadata, making your communications practically invisible to state surveillance.


This article by Barton Gelman, in the Atlantic, pulls from sources within the Republican Party, and lays out their strategy to stay in power, essentially engage in a coup, if they lose the election.


Regardless of how many of us feel about elections, this is something we have to pay attention to.

The strategy Gelman talks about has three phases.

The first is using the police and forces from the Right to intimidate voters in cities in swing states.

In case you didn't know, you can freeze parmesan cheese. Grate it first, then put it in a container or freezer bag, and freeze.

Then just get out what you need as you need it. I find that it doesn't need much time at all to defrost.

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