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The Thunderbird team is growing! We're looking for a few experienced engineers -- who love open source and open standards -- to help us take Thunderbird to even greater heights!


All of our current openings are remote, full-time positions. See all the details and learn how to apply here:

Will your Gmail account work in Thunderbird at the end of this month, when Google switches to mandatory OAuth 2.0 authentication? YES!

Thunderbird 91.8.0, released 5th April 2022, converts Gmail accounts to OAuth 2.0 automatically. But there are rare cases where the migration might fail (for example, if you've told Thunderbird to reject cookies).

Read our support article for all the relevant details:

How much money did the Thunderbird project earn in 2021? (Spoiler: it was a terrific year!)
How much money was spent? What's left in the bank? And how do all those numbers impact our team and the future of Thunderbird?

Find out in our new blog post:

Want to use an #RSS reader (like InoReader or @thunderbird) to view your YouTube subscriptions, but you have no idea where or how to FIND the RSS feed for a channel?

Install a browser extension like "Awesome RSS" (Firefox) or "Get RSS Feed URL" for Chrome/Edge. Serious time-saver!

🙏 Thanks to @sheogorath for the suggestion!

ALERT: Thunderbird's new Import/Export wizard just landed in Daily for those of you who want to help the community test this new feature!

We're ridiculously excited about Thunderbird 102 and can't wait for you to see it. More good info and release timing here:

Approving the @thunderbird #thunderbird trending hashtag on this instance was a nice feeling. Great to see them on Mastodon!

So here's an article on a fresh installation of Google Chrome, and the same article delivered to my @thunderbird inbox via CNN's RSS feed.

Oh, did I mention there's a uBlock Origin release for Thunderbird 😉


Do you write emails in multiple languages? You'll be pleased to know we've finished an enhancement that enables MULTIPLE Dictionaries to be active in Thunderbird, simultaneously!

This feature should land in the Beta for 102 in a few weeks, and ultimately in the Stable 102 release at the end of June.

Here's the Bugzilla link:

I know it's not the most visually pleasing layout (YET), but this is what I enjoy about using @thunderbird for #RSS feeds. Basically, being able to manipulate the feeds and content the same way I do with my email!

Deleting articles I'm done with, sorting them, starring them, searching them, creating subfolders, working with filters...

It just makes sense to me.

#QubesOS has fantastic #Thunderbird integration. You can open email attachments straight into a disposable VM, so even if you're sent malware, it will be contained in the VM and destroyed once closed.

QUESTION: When does Thunderbird get feature equality with Enigmail again?

ANSWER: Our built-in OpenPGP implementation is getting better and better with each release. 102 (out this June) will bring great improvements in the encrypted composition workflow and in key management. The usability of those areas will be equal, if not better than Enigmail, in 102 - with the objective to continue improving the feature each release.

Do you use News Feeds (RSS) in Thunderbird?

(If you do, here's one to add to your list:

QUESTION: "Hey Thunderbird, do you plan on integrating Google Contacts? Currently, I need to use the CardBook plugin."

ANSWER: Connecting to the Google address book through CardDAV is already possible in Thunderbird 91. In the "New Address Book" dropdown, “Add CardDAV Address Book” will guide you through it!

We are hiring two Software Engineers for our Applications Team! You'll work on Tor Browser and future applications and help millions of people circumvent censorship and protect their privacy. All details here:

Happy Monday! Some of you asked if there's an official Mozilla server, and there is:

Head over to

I'm starting a new WordPress series from scratch!
I know many of you are on Windows and need to use that operating system, so here's a video on how to quickly setup a local development environment to easily follow my videos.
Happy Coding!

You get teleported to a horrific alternate timeline where you can choose only ONE Thunderbird Add-On to use.
Which one are you installing?

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