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Hey keyboard pros: do you prefer to zip around Thunderbird as fast as possible?

Check out this exhaustive list of keyboard shortcuts, which you can customize by OS and Thunderbird version!

I like that Thunderbird and K-9 are joining forces. I'm excited for the results because both are great open source programs 😀 #k9mail #thunderbird #mozilla #mozillathunderbird

Speaking of K-9 Mail, if you're interested in the Beta but do NOT want to use the Google Play store, just visit the GitHub repo and sideload the APK!

Yes, OAuth support for Yahoo, Gmail, and Microsoft coming to @k9mail soon! If you need it right now for Yahoo and Gmail, you can use the Beta by signing up through the Google Play store.

Questions? Let us know!

We just finished a Twitter Spaces conversation about on . There's an audio recording, and you don't need the Twitter app to listen.

Here ya go:

WARNING: The following requires using birdsite, but you might enjoy it...

Join us TODAY on Twitter at 10am PST (1pm EST / 7pm CEST) for a live conversation about Thunderbird on Android!

Everyone is welcome to attend and participate.

We'd like to thank @theregister for writing what is undeniably the most entertaining & fantastical line we've seen about the Thunderbird & @k9mail collaboration:

➡️ "Rumble heard as two faithful friends merge into lycanthropic chimæra"

Read the full article:

We're still sifting carefully through all of your feedback about Thunderbird for Android and our K-9 Mail collaboration.

If you want to share your thoughts and help us build this together, we have a public place to discuss it.

Join us!

LearnLinuxTV has a new video you don't want to miss!

Join Thunderbird Lead UX Architect @alecaddd and Marketing Manager @killyourfm for an unfiltered, informative, fun chat with Jay LaCroix about the past, present, and future of Thunderbird.

We also discuss , developer pressures, and the need for stronger online boundaries.

There's also a screenshot of version 114 in there...

Thank you for helping the Thunderbird community test the 102 Beta! We've set up a TopicBox forum to discuss your experience or ask questions. Feel free to post there or just browse:

The Thunderbird 102 Beta is live & loaded with new features! Download it, test it, and help the global Thunderbird community make this release the best it can be.

Our 102 Beta hub has your download, guides, and other resources to improve your experience. Learn if the beta is right for you, how to use it side-by-side with your existing stable version, and much more here:

Just upgraded to @thunderbird 102.0b1
Looks shinny and colorful!
Thanks for the hard work.

If you're having trouble with your Gmail account in Thunderbird today, it might be due to Google now requiring OAuth 2.0 authentication.

Thunderbird SHOULD transition your account automatically, but if you're not able to connect, try going into your Gmail Account's Server Settings and manually changing "Authentication Method" to OAuth2 (it should NOT be "Normal.")

More information about this change can be found here:

"Just like email, I can favorite/star articles I love or want to revisit later. I can utilize tags and Quick Filters and tabs. I can search them, save them, print them, and delete them. Plus, sharing something is as easy as forwarding an email."

Thunderbird + RSS: How To Bring Your Favorite Content To The Inbox

When it comes to font sizes, we all have different preferences. In Thunderbird 102, you'll be able to incrementally increase and decrease the global font size of the entire application, and reset it back to default.

This is independent of the existing message window font changes you can make. It's really helpful when you're switching between different monitors or resolutions on the same machine.

Here it is in action (from our current daily build)!

Will your Gmail account work in Thunderbird at the end of this month, when Google switches to mandatory OAuth 2.0 authentication? YES!

Thunderbird 91.8.0, released 5th April 2022, converts Gmail accounts to OAuth 2.0 automatically. But there are rare cases where the migration might fail (for example, if you've told Thunderbird to reject cookies).

Read our support article for all the relevant details:

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